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Pendaftaran Layanan Cyber

Pemegang polis cyber Chubb dapat memanfaatkan layanan-layanan ini. Silakan mendaftar di bawah dengan menggunakan nomor polis asuranci cyber Anda:


Select your location for a list of the cyber services available in your area.

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This document contains unpublished confidential and proprietary information of Chubb. No disclosure or use of any portion of these materials may be made without the express written consent of Chubb. © 2020 Chubb, Inc. All rights reserved.
Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit Chubb’s cyber services cannot be construed to replace any provisions of your policy. You should read your policy, including all attachments, for complete information on the coverage provided. Chubb has no obligation to provide any cyber services for loss mitigation. The policyholder is under no obligation to contract for services with any of the Chubb pre-approved cyber service providers. The selection of a particular cyber service provider is the independent choice of the policyholder. Chubb is not a party to any agreement entered into between any cyber service provider and the policyholder. It is understood that cyber service providers are independent contractors, and not agents of Chubb. Chubb assumes no liability arising out of any services rendered by a cyber service provider. Chubb also assumes no liability arising out of a delay in user access to any cyber service provider portal, or delay in services rendered by a cyber service provider, during any complimentary trial period. Chubb shall not be entitled to any rights, or subject to any obligations or liabilities, set forth in any agreement entered into between any cyber service provider and the policyholder. Any rights and obligations with respect to such agreement, including but not limited to billings, fees and services rendered, are solely for the benefit of, and borne solely by, such cyber service provider and the policyholder, and not Chubb. Neither Chubb nor its employees or agents make any warranties or assume any liability for the performance of any cyber service provider, including any goods or services received. Chubb does not endorse the cyber service providers or their respective services. Before a policyholder engages with any cyber service provider, the policyholder should conduct its own due diligence to ensure the company and its services meet the policyholder’s needs.

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