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Types of Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance

Vacation or business travels should be hassle-free, starting from your departure until the end of your travel. In reality, however, unpredictable incidents may and often happen and disrupt the comfort of your travel. Travel Insurance becomes a vital need to prepare before your departure.

Chubb presents Domestic Travel Insurance, providing protection as you travel domestically, with the advantage of an easy, quick and accurate claim process.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Medical expense due to accident – up to IDR100 million
  • Death and total permanent disability due to accident – up to IDR150 million
  • Luggage loss or damage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Third party liability

Policyholders of Chubb’s Domestic Travel Insurance is also provided with access to a 24-hour Chubb Assistance hotline, a global supporting network consisting of medical experts to help provide referral services in case you are ill or experience any accident while traveling.

International Travel Insurance

Before you go on a vacation, make sure that you are covered. By having Chubb’s Travel Insurance, you can rest assured that you are prepared against various potential incidences. Wherever your trip takes you, you can enjoy it confidently, knowing that you have the right protection.

Calamities such as accidents and health issues can happen anytime unexpectedly, including when you are on vacation. Not to mention other risks such as travel delays, missing connecting flights, and lost luggage, which could also cost you comfort during your travels. 

Chubb offer International Travel Insurance, a travel insurance accepted by Schengen countries and tailored to fit your or your family’s needs.

The International Travel Insurance from Chubb has various options of travel insurance plans for all types of tourists, from frequent flyers and families, to adventurers, sports enthusiasts, and budget travelers. 

Coverage highlights include:

  • Medical and dental costs due to accident or sickness – up to IDR2.6 billion
  • Post-travel medical costs
  • Emergency medical evacuation from overseas
  • Loss of Frequent Flyer Points
  • Luggage loss or damage, including laptops or golf equipments

Ensure your next overseas trip goes smoothly.

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