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Live your life with no fear from the medical risk with a simple and affordable product from Chubb Life in Indonesia, Hospital Cashback Protection. This product is uniquely crafted for young professionals who aim to have additional protection for themselves and families. Hospital Cashback Protection is featured with Daily Hospital Income up to IDR 1,500,000 and 50% cash back of total premium if there is no claim*.

Highlight of Benefit

  1. Daily Hospital Income for regular room and Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
  2. 50% Cashback of total premium at the end of year 3 and 5 if there is no claim.*
  3. Guaranteed acceptance (No Medical Requirement).
  4. Flexibility of claim method through reimbursement and cashless process.
  5. Providing 5 preferences of Daily Hospital Income packages starts from IDR 300,000 – IDR 1,500,000 per day.

Sample Offer


  • If you are a 30 years old customer who decide to buy 1 unit of Hospital Cashback Protection, then the premium on your billing is IDR 165,000,- per month.
  • In the situation of being hospitalized in hospital with legal validation of claim process, then you will earn Daily Hospital Income benefit IDR 300,000 per day (maximum 150 days per year). Moreover, if you have to be hospitalized in ICU, Chubb will pay as much as double of Daily Hospital Income benefit, which is IDR 600,000 per day (maximum 90 days per year).
  • You will get 50% cashback of total premium at the end of year 3 if there is no claim during the first 3 years consecutively since the effective date of coverage.*
  • You will get 50% cashback of total premium at the end of year 5 if there is no claim in year 4 and year 5 consecutively since the effective date of coverage.*

*Term and condition applied with, please refer to policy contract.

Hospital Cashback Protection Access

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