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This Syariah-based supplementary rider allows you to claim against 108 medical conditions of 50 dread diseases at every stage, be it Early, Medium, Advanced, or Critical Stage.

Coverage Highlights

Maximum care at every stage

  • Provides direct access to medical care before a critical illness becomes more severe
  • Insured gets financial support from the onset of illness
  • Flexibility of up to three claims on various stages of illness
  • Peace of mind to focus on the recovery process

Product Details

  • This rider is applicable for the insured from 6 years old to 70 years old. The insurance can be provided until the insured turns 90 years old.
  • This rider can be added to the basic policy of regular sharia unit-linked product
  • This product offers protections against dread disease from the early stage to allow earlier claims
  • Provides additional benefits for dread diseases in Critical Stage
  • If the insured is diagnosed with critical illness, a sum insured will be paid according to the stage** of the disease

Stage of Severity

Percentage of the Sum Insured

Early Stage


Medium Stage


Advanced Stage


Critical Stage

20% (additional)



*) If the first claim was made during the Early Stage, the percentage of the Sum Insured will be reduced from 100% to 50%.

**) Terms and conditions of the Stage of Severity, refer to the policy provisions.

Information presented is not intended to be binding. Please always refer to terms and conditions in the policy.

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