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Auto Emergency Protection provides protection against vehicle damage due to emergencies such as flat tires, battery problems, engine cooling system failures and other failures. In addition, Auto Emergency Protection also provides protection for legal liability that occurs as a result of the Insured being involved in a motor vehicle accident and protection for loss of mode of transportation due to lost or irreparable vehicles.

Auto Emergency Protection Coverage

1. Emergency Road Side Assistance

   The emergency situation includes:

  • Flat tires
  • Damage to vehicles due to battery problems
  • Locked outside the vehicle when keys are left in the vehicle
  • Engine overheated due to cooling system failure
  • Electrical problems

     The above are extended with additional coverages:

  • Home Assistance
  • Easy Transport
  • Theft Safe
  • Med Safe
  • Easy Repair

2. Third Party Liability (TPL) Protection

3. Third Party Liability (TPL) Protection Extra

4. Loss of Use Protection


  • Transmission and steering problems
  • Engine failure
  • Braking system failure
  • Running out of gas

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