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The smarter hospital and surgery coverage

Smart Hospital and Surgical Rider Insurance (“Smart HSR”) is an additional insurance product which provides reimbursement of hospital cost, in case the insured is hospitalised due to illness or accident. The reimbursement includes hospital room, surgery, doctor consultation, diagnostic and laboratory tests, outpatient care due to accident, ambulance, dialysis, cancer treatment, and physiotherapy at an affordable premium. Smart HSR is product with similar benefits with a previous Chubb Life’s product, the Hospital and Surgery Rider, which was launched since 2009. It became one of the most popular products from Chubb Life because of its significant benefits. The product is relaunched at a more affordable premium in order to protect more participants.


  • Cashless (Inpatient admission only by showing insurance card at partner hospitals)
  • Benefits:

- Hospital room coverage in the amount of IDR 300,000 per day

- Various hospital costs, doctor’s visits, and surgery cost

- Post inpatient care o Additional benefits of dialysis, cancer treatment, and physiotherapy

- Medical Consultation/Pre inpatient care/surgery examination

  • This insurance is applicable for the insured from 6 months to 60 years old
  • The protection is provided until the insured turns 88 years old
  • This product provides an additional facility of travel medical emergency assistance

Insurance Benefits

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Information presented is not intended to be binding. Please always refer to terms and conditions in the policy.

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