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Premier Link lets you live life to its fullest with maximum life insurance coverage and flexibility in investment.

Coverage Highlights

Fuller life with greater flexibility

Premier Link offers you a greater flexibility and optimum returns through a professionally managed long-term investments coupled with a maximum life insurance coverage. You can choose from several investment options that best suits your needs based on your risk tolerance and capacity.

Other than that, you have full access to the cash value for emergency purposes through fund withdrawal and increase the amount of investment through non-scheduled top up premium payment. With affordable minimum premium, Premier Link is the best solution that will protect you from the unexpected while allowing you to make the right investment.



  • Premier Link Insurance (PAYDI) is an insurance product. The investment component of PAYDI contains risks. Prospective Policyholders, Insured, or Participants are compulsory to read and understand the product information summary prior to give decision in purchasing PAYDI. Past investment performance of PAYDI is not reflected PAYDI's future investment performance 

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