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Behind something big, a united team is needed – and this includes our Independent Distribution Partners.

Founded upon excellent underwriting culture as well as supported with financial strength and stability of the company, we believe in the importance to build a strong collaboration, and is able to bring the company’s business to a better level.

Chubb is committed to providing:

  • Top underwriting skills, process as well as operating equipment
  • Various insurance products for segmentation of business, family and individuals
  • A global network to ensure that your clients’ needs are met
  • Excellent services and commitment to always increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your client
  • Competitive prices to increase your competitiveness
  • Acknowledgment as well as a well-designed compensation and allowance program
  • Regular meetings as well as product and marketing trainings for your professional development
  • A dedicated team to develop your business together

List of Independent Distribution Partners

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