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We understand that a solid relationship is built on truth and business synergy among the parties involved. That is why our partners are confident that the relationship built will be mutually beneficial, supported with our experience in:


Chubb Telemarketing is spread across 54 countries and teritories worldwide. This contributes to our success in product marketing. Utilizing excellent telephony standards, Chubb telemarketers are trained to provide results and satisfaction to customers.

Customer Analysis

Behind the success of Chubb’s campaign, there is a superior customers’ lifestyle and behavior analisys by Chubb’s data analysis team. Their presence is spread out - globally, regionally as well as locally. Such factors become our strength in devising a strategy and campaign that is suitable to the target customers, and offers that are made aligned with the season, in order to increase attractiveness and purchases. We have also implemented data security system and process to safeguard customer data.

Service Excellence

Every partner engaging in collaboration with us has access to the entire Chubb team. This consists of professional, trained and fully committed professionals to provide superior customer experience.

Chubb's Data Analytics Capabilities in motion

Chubb's Data Analytics uses cutting-edge technologies to develop and deploy analytics solutions to turn your data into effective marketing strategies. Partner with Chubb and benefit from our data analytics capabilities.