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Success is formed from strong partnerships and solid abilities. When you partner with Chubb, you will be assured that you have chosen the right partner.

Accounting Management and Underwriting

The account management team at Chubb in Indonesia cooperates with our regional teams in providing solutions tailored to your needs.

With the presence of Chubb Global Accounts – a division focused on high-level complexity risks faced by multinational companies, the capacity of our account management is extensive. Chubb Global Accounts presents services excellence globally, high committed claim management, and the award-winning Chubb Worldwide® technology. These services distinguishing us from other insurance companies – providing added value for your clients.

Product Variety

Our wide-ranging product variety includes various market segmentation – starting from multinationals, corporations and SMEs, to families and individuals. This variety ensures the availability of an insurance for your every need.


In order to speed up the offering process Chubb has developed e-placement - an easy-to-use online platformfor Brokers and Agents. The technology makes policy issuance and policy scheduling instantaneous.

Our superior claim service is supported by a centralized system, with self-service functions that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

The award-winning Chubb Worldwide® enables our multinational clients to monitor their insurance program on a real-time basis.

In addition, Chubb Travel Smart is an mobile phone application that allows employees to access security news real-time during their business travels.

Claim Service

Our claim professionals are highly-dedicated, so you can focus on doing your business. Our team will coordinate with you through every step of the claim process, to ensure that your claim is handled swiftly and properly. Where required during the process, we will appoint an external party - an expert in the topic of claim that you are filing, such as medical specialists, lost adjusters, lawyers, etc.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team in Indonesia is focused to provide an effective and timely response in relation to the scope of insurance we made available. Our 24-hour emergency assistance will provide assistant for business travel insurance customers so they can travel peacefully, knowing that medical assistance during their travels is only a phone call away.