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Virtual Account Number is a Policyholder’s identification number that quite unique as which can be identified as premium payment, whereby each policy of PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia ("Chubb Life ") will have one Virtual Account Number at any Chubb Life’s bank partners.

Chubb Life has worked with CIMB Niaga Bank for premium payment facility through Virtual Account Bank CIMB Niaga, and with Bank Permata through Virtual Account Bank Permata since we provide the best service to our policyholders.

Virtual Account Number consists of 16 digits, a combination of 6 digits prefix code of each Bank and the 10 digits your policy number, so that each policy of Chubb Life will get one Virtual Account number at Bank CIMB Niaga and Bank Permata, which will facilitate the payment premiums on renewal by the policy holders (especially for Policies where the Payment Method is Non-Recurring) or Ad Hoc Top Up.

The benefit is a premium payment can be directly identified to its policy number, because the last 10 digits of the number Virtual Account is a policy number, so make sure you enter the correct policy number.

Premium payment through Virtual Account can be directed to:


Bank Code

Account No.

Account Holder’s Name

ATM Cash/

ATM Non Cash

Cash Deposit

Internet Banking



890900 + 10 digit of policy numbers

Policyholder’s name


CIMB Niaga


727900 + 10 digit of policy numbers

PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia


Important notification:

  1. Premium payment will be effective if the funds are received in Chubb Life’s accounts by the latest 5 PM WIB (Monday–Friday)
  2. Premium payments received after 5.00 PM WIB or made by Sat/Sun/holiday will be effective on the next working day
  3. Please keep the Transaction Receipt

Click here to download the complete information about Virtual Account:

  1. Virtual Account from Bank Permata
  2. Virtual Account from Bank CIMB Niaga