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Payment terms through Cash/Cheque/Giro/Credit Card/Debit Card:

  1. Cash payment can be made through Chubb Life Indonesia’s cashier at the Home Office or Marketing Offices*
  2. Payment by Cheque/Giro should be addressed to “PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia”
  3. Payment by Visa/Mastercard and Visa Electron is available**
  4. These payment methods are not available for policies with monthly premium payments

*) Terms and Conditions are applicable for payment made in USD Bank Notes.

**) In Payment Terms of Cash/Cheque/GIRO/Credit Card/Debit Card, payment by Visa/ Mastercard, and Visa Electron should be only available at the Home Office or Marketing Offices at Surabaya, Lampung, and Pontianak. An administration fee will be applied for each payment mode via credit card.