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From small value losses to catastrophic events, property claims can put a strain on your resources and significantly impact your day-to-day operations. At Chubb, our aim is to expedite the claims handling process so that you and your business can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Our approach includes an open dialogue with you at every stage of the claim to ensure we are working towards the same goal—a swift and equitable resolution.

Property claims can put a strain on resource and impact operations.

What makes Chubb’s Property Insurance claims process different?

    • Timely Assignment and Investigation
      When we receive a claim, it is promptly assigned to a claim professional within Chubb who will review the policy, investigate the claim and contact the customer to determine an appropriate claims handling approach.
    • Retention of Skilled Loss Adjusters, Experts and Health Providers
      We select firms with the expertise needed to handle and administer claims, and work with us to develop a liability assessment and defense strategy whilst closely managing costs.
    • Timely Notification of Coverage Assessment
      After careful analysis of the policy and claim facts, we will promptly give a full, written explanation of the available coverage.
    • Fair and Efficient Resolution of Claims
      We stake our reputation on our ability to work with our customers fairly and efficiently to resolve claims. We are involved in all aspects of the claims resolution process to reach a timely, cost effective settlement.

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