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Medical claims are personal and go beyond just the money involved. If you or your employee has been involved in a medical insurance claim, you understand that situations leading up to a claim can be distressing for all concerned. At Chubb, our goal is to relieve as much trauma and distress as possible from a claim situation and to try and provide confidence and help when customers need it.

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We go beyond just the money involved.

What makes the Chubb Group Medical Insurance claims process different?

  • Digital Claims Management that allows you to register and track the progress of your claim at a time that is convenient to via the Chubb Mobile Assistance smartphone app.
  • Highly-Trained and Experienced Claims Team with profound knowledge and understanding of unique and complex challenges of the healthcare industry.
  • Access to Hundreds of Hospital and Clinic Providers which are selected based on the commitment to deliver excellent healthcare. 
  • Responsive, Fair and Efficient Claims Resolution as we stake our reputation on our ability to work with our customers in all aspects of the claims process.
  • Local Claims Teams are Empowered to Make Key Decisions, meaning quicker answers for you and a streamlined claims process.


Contact us:

  • The Contact Us menu in our Chubb Mobile Assistance smartphone app
  • Chubb’s customer care hotline 1500 257
  • Chubb’s 24-hours AdMedika helpline +62 (21) 2964 7545
  • Chubb’s medical insurance team helpline +62 (21) 6230 9433 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Western Indonesia Time)
  • Email to