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This page provides answers to your most common questions. If you need support, please visit our Report a Claim page to contact a dedicated team ready to assist you with your claim.


Get Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions About the Chubb Claim Process

What do I need to do before filing a claim and/or in the event of loss?

In the event of loss damage, take whatever steps are necessary to prevent further loss, damage and/or injury then you should report the claim immediately. Report to the Police Department if your policy stipulates that you should.


When I report my claim, what information do I need?

When reporting a claim, it is helpful if you have the following:

  • Your Policy Number;
  • The date the loss occurred;
  • The address of the loss location;
  • A brief description of the loss; and
  • The contact information for any other parties involved, including any contractors, experts or other involved or injured parties.

The earlier you contact Chubb to report your loss, the sooner we can help you. You can report your claim through several convenient claims reporting options, including by phone, electronic mail, online and through your local Chubb agent.


After I report my claim, what can I expect from the claim process?

We make every effort to contact our policyholders as soon as possible. Your examiner will obtain all the relevant information from you and advise you of the next actions needed to complete the process and will be your primary point of contact to answer any questions that may arise.


How long will it take to settle my claim?

Every claim is unique, and length of the claim process depends on a number of factors, including receipt of any documentation required to adjust your claim, whether or not an inspection is needed to fully assess your damages, and whether any coverage questions exist and require additional investigation. In all scenarios, our goal is to provide you with prompt, efficient and accurate claim handling. Once an agreed settlement is reached, we make every effort to issue your claim payment within 14 working days.


How long do I need to keep damaged items?

Talk to your claim handler before discarding any damaged items. Once we have inspected the property or obtained documentation from you supporting that the damaged articles are non-repairable, the items can typically be discarded. In some case, we may want to obtain your damaged items for salvage.


Where can I send documents related to my claim?

Using your claim number, you can forward documents to us via mail or fax and/or send directly to our office, please contact your claim handler for the appropriate mailing address and fax number. Be sure to include your claim number on any documents you send.


What happens if I am unable to submit all the documents required?

If you do not submit all the required supporting documents, the processing of your claim may be delayed because we need additional time to obtain the requisite documentation. In some situations, if you are unable to provide the required documents, we may be unable to complete the processing of your claim.


Get Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions About the Chubb Auto Claim Process

What claims are covered by the comprehensive coverage?

Claims that are covered by the comprehensive coverage are:

Loss or damage to the insured motor vehicle, either entirely or partially, that is directly caused by:

  • crash or collision, including flipping over, skidding or plunging,
  • malicious act committed by another person, and/or
  • fire, and theft.


What do I do after a motor vehicle accident?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether you are at fault or not, there are certain steps you should take:

  • Check yourself for injuries, check on the well-being of your passengers and get to safety.
  • Contact authorities.
  • While you wait for help, you should exchange information with other people who are involved in the accident. This includes full name and contact information, insurance and policy number, driving license and license plate number, type, color and model of vehicle, as well as the location of accident.
  • Document the accident: identify the authority that came, take pictures, take down names and talk to witnesses.
  • If you are a Chubb Auto Insurance policyholder, you may want to call our customer care hotline number 1500 257 while you’re at the scene. That way, we can tell you exactly what we will need in order to process your claim and what to expect during the claims process. 
  • You also have the choice to directly come to our partnering workshops.


Do I have to file a police report after an accident? 

If you are planning on filing a claim with your insurance, you will likely need to file a police report. If more than one driver is involved, it is always a good idea, so you have proof of exactly what the accident entailed and the scope of any injuries.


What basic documents are needed to submit a claim?

  • Copy of your insurance policy;
  • Photocopy of the insured’s ID card;
  • Photocopy of the driving license (driver at the time of the incident);
  • Photocopy of your vehicle’s registration number; and
  • Local police report if a loss or incident is a result of a criminal act or involves any third-party.