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Protecting Your Move and Providing Peace of Mind​

Relocation Insurance provides comprehensive (All risk) coverage for goods and properties, resulting from the risks of:

  • Loss, theft, destruction, and damage while in transit
  • Guarantees for your goods and property from the beginning of transportation until the goods and property arrive at their final destionation (Door to Door), including during the storage period up to 90 days

Special Coverage Provided

Check-in (Total Loss Only)

Cover accidental loss, damage, or destruction of goods and Property which is being Transported as check in luggage

Hand Carry

Cover accidental loss, damage, or destruction of valuables and collectibles which is being Transported as hand carry by the Insured and/or his/her family member

Nominated Storage

Cover accidental loss, damage, or destruction of the Property whilst held in Nominated Storage up to a maximum of thirty (30 ) days prior to Transit and sixty (60) days after Transit 

Delayed Unpacking and Discovery

Cover accidental loss, damage, or destruction occuring within sixty (60) days of the completion of Transit or sixty (60) days after the period of Nominated Storage

Who Is This Insurance Intended For?

This product is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals, business, and moving service companies without restrictions on routes and the value of goods 

What Are The Advantages?

  • Long-term focus on client relationships
  • Customized risk management solutions at a reasonable premium
  • Available on Chubb CargoAdvantage®, a web-based marine insurance qouting and certificate issuing system
  • More efficient and reduces the need for additional collateral for stock in the warehouse 
  • Up to full replacement 
  • Fast track claim process with worldwide network of claims professionals
  • Established logistics and project cargo practice 
  • Experienced Marine Underwriters 
  • Ability to accomodate high policy limits 

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