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Chubb's Multimodal Freight Liability Insurance is an insurance product designed to protect the services delivered by transportation operators, including freight forwarder, multimodal transportation operators, and land transport operators.

Whenever your business operates - sea or land - the freight transportation industry faces a number of unique challenges. Our Multimodal Freight Liability Insurance product offers a comprehensive insurance solution to protect your business from a series of liabilities - among others compensation for defense costs and compensation for debris disposal cost.

Coverage Highlights

Main Benefits

  • Freight Liability

Chubb will provide compensation to the Insured against all amounts constituting the legal responsibility of the Insured to pay for Compensation on Cargo Property Loss, arising due to an incident within Policy Coverage Area.

  •  Professional Indemnity

Paying for or on behalf of the Insured for any Loss due to civil liability Claim arising from an Unlawful Act committed during delivery of thee Insured’s Services.

Automatic Extension

  • For Freight Liability

Defense Cost, General Loss and Salvage, Mitigation Cost and Fees, Debris Disposal Cost and Clean-up Costs as well as Restricted Cargo

  • For Professional Indemnity

Legal Representation during Investigation, More than One Cause of Loss, Emergency Defense Costs, Emergency Legal Representation Expenses, Advance Payment of Defense Cost and Legal Representation Expenses, as well Civil Fines, Sanctions, Excise and Taxes.

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