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Chubb Charitable Foundation to Rebuild School in Disaster-Hit Sulawesi

Following the devastating 7.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Central Sulawesi in September 2018, Chubb Charitable Foundation donated almost IDR750 million (USD51,000) to rebuild MTS Alhairat junior high school in Pandere village of Sigi regency, one of the areas hardest hit by the temblor.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on March 12th, 2019, to mark the beginning of the construction project. A representative from Chubb Insurance in Indonesia visited the site to meet with students, members of the school board and teachers, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO): Aksi Cepat Tanggap, the village’s religious leader, and local representatives from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

“Thank you for giving us hope and for letting us know that we are not in this plight alone,” a representative from the school board said during the event, with joyful tears in his eyes.

The donation will be used to rebuild the school’s three classrooms that were severely damaged by the catastrophe, providing a safe environment for 76 students to continue their studies. The new building is expected to be completed in three months, in time for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The earthquake caused a tsunami that travelled hundreds of meters inland in places and devastated the waterfront of the large city of Palu. Away from the coast, it also resulted in liquefaction, a rare seismic process in which violent shaking can give layers of sediment the property of fluids. The phenomenon moved homes up to several kilometers and buried entire neighborhoods. More than 2,000 people perished in the disasters, and more than 100,000 survivors were displaced, fearful of returning to damaged homes. Thousands of schools were damaged or destroyed, interrupting the education of students across the region.

Learn more about Chubb Charitable Foundation here.

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Recent Corporate Social Responsibility

Chubb in Indonesia Organized Corporate Social Responsibility to Help Mount Agung’s Refugees

PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia (‘Chubb Life/ The Company’) announced their social activities to help the refugees of the mountain eruption - Mount Agung at Karangasem Village, Denpasar.

As we know, since November 2017, mount Agung in Denpasar, Bali has erupted and efected the community around the mountain. More than 29,000 people have been evacuated from the area and housed in over 229 evacuation zone. Therefore, as part of giving back to the community, Chubb Life took part in helping the victims by providing foods, clothing and other basic needs for children.

This event is participated by 50 volunteers which consist of Chubb Life employees and Sales Agents. The activities will spread to several evacuation zone and focus in evacuation zone that has more refugees, Tanah Aron and Desa Saren.

“I hope this activity can provide a significant impact to the refugees to help them overcome the disaster. I am proud to see employees and Agency team work together as a team for a meaningful cause,” said Mr. Sua Me Chin, Director of PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia.

This donation is part of Chubb Life’s Corporate Social Responsibily (CSR) program in 2018. Other CSR programs will focus on child education and  improvement of life quality in the suburban areas which will be implemented accross 2018.

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[Left-Right] Mr. Peter Jaury (DOA Bali), Mr. Sua Me Chin (Director Chubb Life Indonesia) handed the donation in Karangasem Village, Bali.

Regional Day of Service

Since 2012, Regional Day of Service has become an annual event for all employees across Asia Pacific to reach out to the community through various community activities in line with Chubb’s philanthropy outreach extension support to improve education and healthcare, reduce poverty and save the environment. Countries involved include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Every year, more than 800 employees across Asia Pacific hold meaningful activities through active volunteerism.

2018 - To boost the impact of its annual Regional Day of Service across the region, employees from both the general and life insurance operations again joined forces with their collective outreach efforts organized around the theme, Education@Heart. In Indonesia, volunteers visited SDN Kedung Dalam 1 & 2 schools of Kidoso Village in Mauk, Tangerang. During the visit, the volunteers organized a range of educational activities aimed at developing the children’s psychomotor and cognitive abilities, from storytelling to learning about the planets and the solar system to financial literacy.

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2017 - For the fifth annual Regional Day of Service, Chubb Indonesia once again cooperated with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia (HfHI) to reach the families of Kidoso Village in Mauk, Tangerang. The activities were focused on addressing urgent housing needs of the most vulnerable and impoverished households. Understanding that most of the villagers are labor workers and farmers, with the help of HfHI the company emphasized to build not only safe and healthy homes, but also durable and energy efficient. 60 volunteers worked their trowels, pliers, hoes, bucket of cement, and pick axes to help start two houses’ foundation and one house’s walling stage of the construction.

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2016 - On 10 November 2016, Chubb Indonesia held it's Regional Day of Service activity in Kidoso Village in Mauk, Tangerang. Around 60 employees from Chubb Indonesia’s general insurance and life insurance participated in building a reading corner and donated books for children. They also renovated the flooring and performed mural painting on public restrooms, built two units of catfish breeding ponds, as well as renovated the floors and kitchens of five resident houses. In carrying out these activities, Chubb Indonesia worked together with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia.

2015 - On 23 October 2015, ACE in Indonesia held ACE’s Global Day of Service themed ‘Saving The Environment’. As many as 200 participants who were employees of ACE Jaya Proteksi and ACE Life Assurance participated in activities held around the Maritime Museum area. Employees did a deep cleaning of the museum area and contributed to providing a number of trash bins and plant pots to make sure that cleanliness and tidiness of the area is always preserved. In addition, as a financial institution, the company also added a special agenda in the form of a finance-related workshop themed ‘To Know Insurance’ for the participants. Also attending this event were Mr. Suwarto, Head of Tourism & Culture Sub-Service Office, and Mr. Suwarto as the Head of the Maritime Museum.

2014 - ACE Jaya Proteksi chose to hold a blood donation program as an activity to align with one of ACE’s philanthropy themes, namely to promote education and healthcare. Joining hands with its sister company, ACE Life Indonesia, the two ACE entities in Indonesia successfully held the first RDS activity in Surabaya as a pilot project, followed by the second blood donation program held in Jakarta.

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2013 - Carried out a program to build housing for slum communities in the outskirts of Jakarta, namely in Mauk, Tangerang, in collaboration with the Habitat Humanity Foundation. This program managed to build four houses for needy families.

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2012 - Held a tour by visiting children’s wards at hospitals in three major cities in Indonesia. In collaboration with Yayasan Sahabat Bangsal Anak (SABA) - Friends of Children Hospital Ward, in Surabaya at Soetomo Hospital, in Bandung at Sadikin Hospital and in Jakarta at Harapan Kita Hospital. The activity aims to lift up the spirits of children who have to undergo treatments in hospitals for the long run due to terminal illnesses and coming from poor families, as well as to donate toys, nutritious foods as well as daily necessities.

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Other Community Engagement Activities

2016 - Chubb collaborated with Planet Water Foundation to hold a CSR for supplying drinkable water to residents around Cogreg 1 Public Elementary School in Tangerang, Banten. In this activity which was held on 4 August 2016, ten volunteers from Chubb participated and worked together to build a water tower that can supply drinkable water to 1,000 people per day.

This activity is expected to help improve the area’s condition, especially related to availability of drinkable water which was often an issue to communities around the Public Elementary School.

In line with Regulation of the Financial Services Authority, Chubb held four Financial Literacy programs which introduced the basic concepts of insurance, as well as donated books to local academic institutions in Medan, Semarang, Surabaya and Bandung.

2015 - Also in line with regulations of the Financial Services Authority, ACE Jaya Proteksi held a two-month program on financial literacy and donated books to middle schools through ACE Jaya Proteksi branch office. ACE Life also donated more than 100 school books and other educational books to an elementary school in Yogyakarta.

ACE Jaya Proteksi continued the tradition and spirit of sharing by supplying aids to orphanages during ACE Jaya Proteksi Fun Walk 2015. As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to reduce poverty, Jaya Proteksi donated assistance for Nurul Iman Orphanage at the same time as the first ACE Jaya Proteksi Fun Walk event concluded. The donations included basic food packages and meal packages to prepare for then-upcoming holy fasting month of Ramadan 1436 Hijriah. ACE Life also donated more than 500 souvenirs, school supplies and meals to children in six orphanages in the same month.

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2014 - CSR Food from the Heart –a collaboration with partner travel agents where a portion of travel insurance premium sales proceeds is allocated for donation to an orphanage under Sayap Ibu Foundation.

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2013 - To improve the quality of education, particularly for elementary school students in Tangerang and Malang, ACE Life donated more than 200 school books and other educational books to elementary schools in Tangerang and Malang.

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The scholarship named "Caring for Education/Peduli Pendidikan" from ACE Jaya Proteksi. This scholarship and internship program is targeted for senior high school students wishing to continue studying in the university, where they will be registered in the STIMRA (Insurance Management College/Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Asuransi), and then employed as interns in ACE Jaya Proteksi.

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