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Kumaran Chinan - President Director

April 9, 2020 Chubb announced the appointment of Kumaran Chinan to the role of President Director for Chubb Life Indonesia. In his new role, Kumaran will be responsible for the company's operational performance and lead the implementation of Chubb's business development strategy in Indonesia. 

Mr. Kumaran has breadth of experience in the leading insurance industry more than 22 years. Prior to joining Chubb Life, he was Chief Distribution Officer & Director at PT Zurich Topas Life Indonesia and General Manager for MCIS Insurance Berhad (formerly known as MCIS ZURICH Insurance Berhad).

Mr. Kumaran also has depth of experience in overall Life Business Development, Product Management & Development, Life Operations, IT Dept. and Project Management Office (PMO).

Mr. Kumaran holds a B.Econs (Hons) degree from the National University of Malaysia dan Qualified Registered Financial Planner (RFP). He is certified in Risk Governance Professional and a certified trainer in Training and Development from the Institute of Personnel & Development UK, 1995.

Zhongfu (Pete) Zhao - Director

Zhongfu (Pete) Zhao was appointed as a Director of Chubb Life Indonesia in February 2022. In his role, Mr. Pete is responsible for the finance, accounting, actuarial, and risk management functions of the company. Mr. Pete has extensive experience in the financial industry, having started his career since 2009 and holding various positions in multinational companies, such as Director, Individual Insurance & Wealth Valuation at Sunlife Financial, Ontario, Canada and as Chief Financial Officer & Chief Actuary at Chubb Life, Yangon, Myanmar.

Prior to joining Chubb Life, he served in the insurance industry for 10-year. Mr. Pete holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is a Fellow of Society of Actuaries (USA), Fellow of Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst.

Eric Tobing - Director

Eric Tobing was appointed as one of Chubb Life in Indonesia’s Board of Director in October 2016. Being part of his role, Mr. Eric is responsible for overseeing Legal, Compliance, as well as Corporate Secretary function. 

Mr. Eric has both the breadth and depth of experience in the financial industry, with a career spanning since 1997 which serves a variety of management positions in national and multinational companies. Prior to joining Chubb Life, he spent 15 years working and leading in banking and insurance industry.

Mr. Eric held a bachelor and postgraduate degree from faculty of law University of Indonesia.

Henny Inggriani - Director

Effective as of November 11, 2022, Chubb announced the appointment of Henny Inggriani to the role of Director for Chubb Life Indonesia. Henny is responsible for the Company's Human Resources.

The depth and breadth of Mrs. Henny's experience in human resources span more than 20 years, and she has expertise in a wide range of areas, including driving the strategy plan and initiatives in talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, corporate culture, change management, and many others.

Prior to working for Chubb Life, she held positions as Country Talent Management at PT AIG Insurance Indonesia, Human Resources Consultant at PT Dunamis Organization Services, a Franklin Covey licensee, and Human Resources Generalist at PT Ernst & Young.

Mrs. Henny holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of Indonesia. She is also certified in Chief Risk Officer, TTI Success Insights (DISC), Professional Coach Certification Program, and HCMS Alignment.

Sharia Supervisory Boards

Chairman                              : Ir. Agus Haryadi
Committee                            : M. Cholil Nafi

Board of Commissioners

President Commissioner                 : Annette Maria Donselaar
Independent Commissioner           : Maulana Ibrahim 
Independent Commissioner           : Iman Bastari

Executive Committee

  1. Kumaran Chinan
  2. Zhongfu (Pete) Zhao
  3. Eric Tobing
  4. Henny Inggriani
  5. Reguel Pakpahan

Head of Region Marketing Offices

Jakarta & Tangerang
Agustinus Fransiskus San

Hady Pramono

Surabaya 1 & Jember
Cahaya Wulan Agustina

Hendy Liyanto

Lukman Mallongi

Dewi Utari

Dian Nur Amalia

Denpasar, Surabaya 2 & Kediri
I Nyoman Suryanata


M. Fahrudi Amsyah

Wilhelmus Timothius Adrianto