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The rise of cybercrime

Technology lets us bring our work home and access our home life at work. It also gives cybercriminals a doorway to the online you, and your personal and sensitive information.

Types of cybercrime

  • Identity theft
  • Viruses, malware, worms, trojans
  • Criminal insiders
  • Theft or take-over of data-bearing devices
  • Web-based attacks
  • Phishing scams
  • Ransomware or social engineering
  • Cyberbullying
  • Hacking into smart devices
  • Breach of privacy

Trends in cyber claims

Which claims do we see more? Which cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent? Learn about the latest trends in cyber claims at Chubb, with our quarterly Cyber InFocus report.

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Survey results show understanding doesn’t equal action

Even as cybersecurity breaches evolve from breaking news events to everyday occurrences and people admit to being aware of the risks they face, many don’t do anything about it.

People don’t seem to understand which data is most irreplaceable.

Despite their concern over cyber breaches, people are not doing enough to protect themselves.

To download the Chubb Cyber Risk Survey Summary, click here.

Cyber crime is everywhere:

Protect yourself, at home or at work

You’ve worked hard for your success. Don’t let a cybercriminal take your money, your identity, or disrupt your home or business. You can help stop cybercrime before it happens and prepare for the consequences if it does.

What if one of these scenarios happened to you?

Plan and prepare

Live your life with confidence, knowing your family, and/or your business is safe and secure. The following tools and coverages may help.


Cyber insurance


Cyber protection for your business

Regardless of size or industry, all companies use technology in some way to deliver their products and services. Chubb’s suite of cyber products integrates privacy, network, media, and Errors & Omissions products to provide the specific coverage you need.

Value Reinforcement Campaign Value Reinforcement Campaign Value Reinforcement Campaign

See how Chubb is on the forefront of cyber coverage

Chubb is constantly investing in ways to help our independent brokers grow their business, including educating them about cyber security and the threats we face online and off.

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What to do if you’re hacked

At Chubb, we look for ways to say yes across every step of your experience, so you’re made whole quickly and on your terms. That means, we have the resources you need if you or your business are hacked, your identity is stolen, your child is cyberbullied, or you’re a victim of another type of cybercrime.

If you know you’re a victim, act immediately

If you have Chubb personal insurance:

Call 1-800-532-4822 to talk to a Chubb Canada Claims representative to submit a claim.

If you have Chubb commercial insurance:

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