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Car insurance with a cost effectiveness and wide range benefit in respect of damage to insured vehicle arising from collision against/by other land vehicles and flood. Furturemore, customizable plan for Insured vehicle caused by fire, theft and total loss arising from collision against/by land vehicles or all other accidents (excluding fire and theft) only


  • Third party liability for bodily injury
  • Third party liability for property damage
  • Damage to Insured vehicle caused by flood
  • Damage to Insured vehicle caused by collision against/ by other land vehicle and able to report other party
  • Damage to Insured vehicle caused by fire and theft
  • Additional cover for personal accident, medical expenses and bail bond

Additional Benefits and Service

  • 24-hour Hotline
  • Surveyor claim service guarantee arrival within 30 minutes for Bangkok metropolitan area


  1. Type of vehicle (Asian and European)
    1.1 Sedan no more than 7 seats in case of private or commercial use only, not for hire/rent (code 110/120).
    1.2 Truck no more than 4 tons and not for hire or rent (code 320)
  2. Vehicle's current market value must not exceed 2,000,000 THB and not less than the sum insured on the selected package.
  3. Coverage standard equipment and accessories from manufacturer or car dealer, cover accessories within limit of 20,000 THB/accident.
  4. Maximum of vehicle age up to 20 years.
  5. Flat rate premium (the same rate for new and renewal year)

Remark Applicant should read the terms and conditions of the policy throughly prior to applying for insurance.

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