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Unforeseen circumstances can arise when you are traveling, including problems with your health, accidents, and loss of personal items. Chubb offers insurance plans that suit your needs and are accepted by Schengen countries for those who want to apply for a visa.

Travel with peace of mind at any time, not just in Thailand but anywhere in the world, with Chubb’s travel insurance.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Accidental benefit during overseas travel
  • Medical expenses incurred overseas
  • Post journey medical expense in Thailand
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Trip cancellation expenses
  • Trip curtailment expenses
  • Flight delay
  • Overbooked flight
  • Baggage delay
  • Loss or damage of baggage and personal effects
  • Home guard benefit



  • 24 Hour emergency helpline
  • Emergency medical assistance and travel assistance


Market Leading Chubb Travel Insurance

  • No monetary excesses - You can claim all benefits up to the full amount in the Policy.
  • No limit for Trip Cancellation - We will pay your actual loss in full.
  • Claims payments within 15 days with completed claim documents.
  • Up to 22 coverages which is the best coverage in the market.


Chubb Travel Insurance (Overseas)

For further details, please visit Chubb Travel Insurance website.

Chubb Travel Insurance Domestic Thailand

For information, please click 

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Remark Applicant should read the terms and conditions of the policy throughly prior to applying for insurance.

Chubb conducted research on the travel market in Thailand to find out the travel behaviour and insurance purchase habits of Thai travellers. Five hundred and fifty-six respondents participated in the online survey conducted over two days. 64% od respondents are in Bangkok and Central area.

On average, Thai travellers took two to three international trips per year. Countries in Southeast Asia topped their choice of frequent visits. Japan was their preferred choice of destination, followed closely by Singapore (54%), China (42%) and Laos and Korea (33%).

From the survey, five interesting facts were uncovered with regards to Thai travellers:

1. More than half of Thai travellers (52%) purchased travel insurance every time for their international trips while 32% of Thais have bought it for all of their domestic trips.

2. The key motivation to buying international travel insurance pertained to concerns about suffering an accident overseas while having other insurance policies that did not cover travel determined the purchase of domestic travel insurance. 

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3. Desktop laptops and smartphones contributed almost equally as devices used for resarch and purchase of travel insurance. Frequent travellers and younger people are heaviest users of smartphones.

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4. Thai travellers tended to buy travel insurance online together with their travel bookings.

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5. A majority of Thai travellers liked travel insurance products with several inclusions, followed by their preference for a provider that provided good customer service.

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Download the full infographic here 

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Personal Travel Insurance

Don't allow travel inconveniences to affect that carefully planned trip. Travel with confidence with Chubb travel insurance. 

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