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Your Child's Better Quality of Life, You Can Create

Take care of your child from his infancy stage, educational period, career time, marriage until older age. 24TX helps to nurture your offspring at birth until age 90 with guaranteed cash benefit given during the policy contract. It assists you to mitigate expense burden, starting from his pre-elementary class until his old age at 90. Moreover, it offers increasing value of life coverage up to 390% of initial sum assured. Plan today.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Life coverage until 90 years old of age
  • Premium payment of 24 years only
  • Survival and maturity benefits
    • 5% of initial sum assured paid at the end of policy year 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24
    • 70% of initial sum assured paid at the end of policy year 25
    • 8% of initial sum assured paid yearly starting at the end of policy year 26 until insured age 89
    • Maturity benefit paid at insured age 90 up to 390% of initial sum assured
  • Riders attachable according to your needs, e.g. health, accident, and dread disease coverages

Life Coverage Benefit

In case of death before the end of contract, the company will pay the amount of sum assured at that moment. Sum assured is increased 10% in every 3 policy years, starting from 100% up to 390% of initial sum assured.

Sample Offer

For male, 31 days old

  • Initial life coverage THB 6000,000
  • Increased life coverage THB 60,000 in every 3 policy years, total 29 times increased maximum to THB 2,340,000*
  • Total premium paid THB 2,365,776 (2)
    • Annual premium THB 98,574
    • Premium payment period 24 years
  • Cash benefit THB 30,000 paid 8 times, or total value of THB 240,000 (1)
  • Lump sum cash benefit THB 420,000 paid at age 25 (3)
  • Annual cash benefit THB 48,000 paid from insured age 26 until age 89, total value of THB 3,072,000 (4)
  • Maturity benefit paid at age 90 THB 2,340,000 (5)
  • Diff between premium paid and maximum benefit (1+3+4+5)-(2) THB 3,706,224

*In case of death before age 90, the company will pay the amount of sum assured at that moment, starting from THB 600,000 up to THB 2,340,000 or cash surrender or paid premium deducted by all cash coupons which have already received from policy benefit, depending whichever is the highest.

Premium Discount Example

Sum Assured (Baht)  Discount (Baht)
600,000 1,200
1,000,000 4,000
2,000,000 5,000


Preliminary Underwriting Guideline

  • Insured age: 31 days until 55 years old
  • Minimum sum assured: THB 100,000
  • Attach with specific riders according to underwriting guideline

Policy applicants should study, read, and comprehend about coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase. Please find more information from policy contract. In addition, company underwriting guideline will be applied.

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