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Partial Business Transfer from ACE Thailand to Chubb Samaggi ("PBT")

  1. Who is Chubb and also who is major shareholder?
    In January 2016, ACE Limited acquired The Chubb Corporation, creating a global insurance leader operating in 54 Countries under the renowned Chubb name. ACE Thailand and Chubb Samaggi are now part of the same group with over 1,500 employees and have been operating in Thailand for over 70 years.

  2. Who will pay or handle my claim?
    Chubb Samaggi will pay the claims after the transfer is complete, which we expect to happen on 1 December 2016. Rest  assured that after the transfer, Chubb will honor obligations to pay covered claims under your policy.

  3. How will I pay my premium?
    If you pay by credit card, you do not need to do anything. You will notice a change in the merchant name on the credit card statement to reflect Chubb.

    If you are with banks and pay by direct debit, ACE and Chubb are making arrangements for the switch and you should not be required to take any steps.

  4. Will my coverage and/or service be interrupted?
    No, Chubb Samaggi and ACE Thailand Branch will work together to make sure there is no interruption whatsoever.

    The transfer will not affect customer service, which is our highest priority.

  5. How will this transfer affect me? Will my insurance policy issued by ACE Thailand be affected?
    No. The transfer will not have an impact on the policy or the coverage provided to you. Chubb Samaggi will accept the transfer of all rights, obligations, and liabilities under your insurance policy, and is pleased to become your insurer, replacing ACE Thailand.

  6. Why is ACE Thailand transferring part of its business to Chubb Samaggi? How will this impact me?
    Chubb Samaggi and ACE Thailand will transfer its personal lines and accident and health business to Chubb Samaggi. This will allow better use of resources to provide you with the best possible customer service, increased product innovation, and improve how we can meet your needs.

  7. Will Chubb Samaggi be sending me a new policy after the transfer?
    No, there is no need for a new policy. The old policy will still be effective but Chubb Samaggi will be responsible for it after 1 December 2016.

  8. I lost my policy can I get a new one please?
    We will provide you with a copy of policy that was issued before the transfer – it will refer to ACE. But after 1 December Chubb Samaggi will be responsible for that policy. When your policy renews and a new policy is issued, it will be issued in Chubb Samaggi’s name.

  9. Will there be any changes to the list of hospitals participating in the coverage program after the transfer?
    No Change.

  10. After the transfer date, will the customer be able to cash checks issued by ACE Thailand for claim payment?
    Customers will still be able to cash the checks after the transfer has taken effect. Please note checks are valid for six months after the date of issuance.

  11. If customers contact Chubb Samaggi to surrender a policy issued by ACE Thailand, will the surrender amount be the same?
    The surrender amount will be the same in accordance with the terms and conditions under the policy issued by ACE Thailand.

  12. When will the transfer be completed?
    It is anticipated that the transfer will be completed by 1 December 2016.

  13. Will there be any changes to the forms I need to use when making a claim?
    The forms contain the same content, but have been rebranded to refer to Chubb Samaggi.

  14. If I want to make any change to my insurance policy, which telephone no. that I can contact with?
    Yes, you can contact our customer service at tel. no. 0-2611-4000 on Monday - Friday 8.00-20.00 (except public holidays)

  15. If I want to make a claim, which telephone no. of that I can contact with?
    Yes, you can contact our customer service at tel. no. 0-2611-4000 on Monday - Friday 8.00-20.00 (except public holidays).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What supporting documents does Chubb require when considering a claim?

In the case of medical expenses, the policyholder needs to submit the original receipt via EMS or registered mail to prevent documents going missing or getting lost. In the case of a daily benefit claim, the policyholder can submit photocopied documents via fax or email.

2. How long does Chubb take to make a claim payment?

Upon receipt of the completed claim documentation and subject to the policy conditions, the policyholder will get the payment check from us within 15 working days.

3. Why does Chubb need to ask for medical records?

In cases where the policyholder has held the policy with us for less than one year and was treated in hospital for any chronic disease/illness (e.g. DM, hypertension, heart disease, tumor, gallstones, etc.), we need to check if the policyholder has been treated with that chronic disease before the policy's effective date, as pre-existing conditions are excluded under the policy.

4. In the case of hospitalization under a social security scheme or Government Officer Privilege, is the policyholder still entitled to claim for daily benefits, and what documents do Chubb require in the absence of a medical receipt?

The policyholder is entitled to claim for daily benefits from Chubb by submitting the following documentation:
o A copy of the privilege guarantee document, e.g. social security card, Government Officer Card, letter of privilege, guarantee, etc.
o Medical Certificate stating details of sickness and number of hospitalization days.

5. In the event that the policyholder has made a medical expenses claim with another company and was partially reimbursed by that company, how can the policyholder claim the balance from Chubb?

The policyholder must ask that the company certify in the medical receipt the amount being paid, together with the company stand. The certified medical receipt is then sent to CHUBB for further consideration subject to the policy terms and conditions.

6. In the event that the policyholder was fully paid for the medical expenses incurred by another company, will the policyholder still be entitled to make a claim with Chubb?Unfortunately, the policyholder is only entitled to the indemnity that he or she has already received.

7. In the event of a death claim, will the beneficiary get the indemnity from every policy if they hold more than one insurance policy?

If the cause of death is covered under the policy, the beneficiary is entitled to the indemnity from every policy.

8. What is Chubb's method of claim payment?

We will issue and send a settlement check (via registered mail) to the policyholder, using the address as stated on the claim form.

9. What must the policyholder do upon receipt of the indemnity check?

The policyholder will be required to sign and return the first part of the Indemnity Receipt Form to Chubb by using the enclosed business envelope, keeping the second part as evidence of payment. The policyholder should deposit the indemnity check in his or her bank account with any commercial bank in Thailand.

10. Can Chubb make the payment by electronic fund transfer to the policyholder's bank account in order to decrease the clearing expenses of 50 baht that the policyholder must normally bear?

Because we recognize the importance of quality service to our policyholders, we can consider such requests on a case-by-case basis.