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Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited, partnered with Accident Prevention Network of Thai Health Promotion Foundation, to raise awareness of road safety among road users through the "Use Rear-Seat Belt for Safety" campaign. In line with the land transport laws, every passenger, including those seated in the back, are required to fasten their seat belts to ensure the safety of occupants in the vehicle and to reduce the risk of death from car accidents. The campaign kicks off with promoting rear-seat belt usage through taxi service providers.

As a socially responsible insurance provider, Chubb has continuously explored ways to engage the community and give back to the society. With the rising concern on road safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, Chubb is pleased to be able to be at the forefront of this engagement. At present, the majority of front seat passengers are very familiar with having to buckle up, but backseat passengers are less likely to do the same. Failing to fasten their seat belts could result in property damage and death when accidents occur. Most of the backseat passengers believe that fastening their seat belts are unnecessary and underestimate the value of doing so. In fact, there are multiple references associated to loses and damage incurred due to complacency that undermines safety.

Chubb aims to make a difference by changing passengers' behaviors and attitudes on road safety. A series of promotional materials, such as stickers, and signs on windshield, posters, and radio advertisements were developed. Some of these were distributed to taxi service providers where the message to buckle up could be seen throughout the car - serving as a reminder to the passengers, eventually leading a change  of behavior.

Chubb is proud to play a part from the beginning and aims to encourage passengers using both private and public transportation to perceive fastening their seat belts as a crucial step of their commute. It starts from passengers being aware of the need, followed by developing the habit of fastening their seat belts, and finally, leading to safer travels for all road users.

A True Story from a Victim Who Suffered from an Overnight Loss

"If I could turn back time...I would have worn that seatbelt that I saw everyday but never touched it."

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News Release

Chubb Partners with Accident Prevention Network to Promote Songkran Road Safety

Chubb Samaggi Insurance PCL (Chubb), in collaboration with the Accident Prevention Network (APN) with the support of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) and Thung Song Hong Police Station, kicked off the “Songkran Road Safety”. This initiative is is part of the company’s ‘Use Rear Belt for Safety’ project to encourage backseat passengers to fasten their seat belts for safety.

At present, the majority of front seat passengers are use to wearing their seatbelts, whereas the vast majority back-seat passengers do not fasten their seatbelts, . This is a leading cause of road fatalities and property damage during the holiday season, especially the long Songkran celebrations.

Chubb initiated the ‘Use Rear Belt for Safety’ project with the aim of encouraging Thai people to wear their rear- seat belt to improve road safety and reduce the death toll from road accidents. It promotes rear-seat belt usage to comply with the land transport law enforcement for the safety of every passenger and all road users. 

To sustain the momentum of the ‘Use Rear-Seat Belt for Safety’ project, the campaign commenced with the ‘Songkran Road Safety’. In this initiative, Chubb joined forces with the Accident Prevention Network (APN) and Thung Song Hong Police Station team to raise awareness of road safety by distributing a series of promotional materials, such as car stickers and window suckers at Laksi intersection prior to the advent of the Songkran festival. The aim is to remind all passengers about fastening their rear-seat belts while traveling during the Songkran holidays. This is a peak period for road-travel often leading to a spike in road deaths when many people travel back to their hometowns.

Mr. Edward Kopp, Country President of Chubb’s general insurance operations in Thailand, said “We are an insurance company that provides insurance products covering Personal Accident and Motor insurance. We have seen many cases of motor claims involving passengers with injuries associated with not wearing a rear-seat belt. We launched the ‘Use Rear-Seat Belt for Safety’ project last year after the mandatory law requiring rear-seat belt usage was implemented in March 2017. This is the second year we continue our commitment to support government agencies to raise awareness among drivers for road safety with the full support from the Accident Prevention Network (APN). For this year’s campaign, we have collaborated with team from Thung Song Hong Police Station to effectively and directly promote safety awareness among motorists and road users. We are keen to maintain the visibility for this worthy cause to save the lives of Thai people.” 

Prommin Kantiya, Director of the Accident Prevention Network (APN), said “Safety belts reduce the impact of a potential car accident for drivers and passengers. Wearing a seat belt will prevent death and serious injury in a car accident as it prevents drivers and passengers from being ejected and strongly hit. Seat belts reduce the risk of death by 34%. Currently, a larger number of drivers and passengers feel that it is unnecessary to use the back-seat belt. If an accident happens, they will have a high chance to fall out of the car and be seriously injured. So, fastening seatbelts when seated is so essential that all motorists should pay attention to when riding on the road.

Chubb Partners with Government Agencies to Promote Safety with Rear Seat Belt Usage

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Land Transport Kamon Buranapong (3rd left), Mr.Wichet Pichairat, the 1-st Plan Administrative Committee, Health Risk Control Plan, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, (far right), Mr.Jarun Sornsawat, Assistant Secretary General Insurance Promotion, Insurance Commission (far left), and  Miss Nittaya Piriyathamwong, Country President of Chubb Samaggi Insurance PCL. (2nd left), recently held a press conference announcing the "Use Rear-Seat Belt for Safety" Campaign at Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel. The initiative aims to boost measures that enforce land transport laws which require all car passengers, including those seated at the back to wear seat belts, to promote safety on the roads and to help minimize personal injury and fatalities due to car accidents.   The first stage of the project involves the promotion through taxi operators.