Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance


Why is home insurance important?

Home insurance is more important than you think. When you buy a house with a loan, you are required by law to maintain fire insurance throughout the installment payment period. But besides fire, other unfortunate events could also result in a massive amount of work and expenses required to fix your property and replace the furnishings and belongings.

There are also benefits in home insurance policies that people often overlook. Policies that provide “home assistance services” can be extremely useful in emergencies where you need access to plumbers, locksmiths, or general contractors.


Home insurance and fire insurance, are they the same?

A home insurance policy typically covers the loss and damage of furniture, renovations, personal belongings, etc. On the other hand, some basic fire insurance policies only cover structural damage in case of fire.

For example, if a fire occurs in your bedroom, a basic fire insurance policy would only cover damages to the structure of your home, but not home contents such as furniture or valuable items.

If you are looking for “all risks” home insurance that covers both your house’s structure and contents in your house, our Home Shield Beyond home insurance policy package is designed specifically to meet your needs and lifestyle.


Is there any type of house that Chubb’s home insurance doesn’t cover?

  1. A house that is built entirely from wood.
  2. A house located in a flood-prone area , slum, or danger zone.  

For more information, please CLICK HERE (flood-prone area).


What do I have to do to claim home insurance?

In the event of loss or damage to your house, notify your insurer as soon as possible by submitting a claim via email along with the following documents:


  1. A completed Damage Notification Form
  2. Incident Report and photos of the damaged property
  3. A list of damaged items and their associated values together with supporting evidence such as receipts, warranty cards, and user manuals that indicate the brands and names of the items.
  4. Other supporting evidence, including police notification reports issued by the local police station or claims letters issued by your disputing party.


Typically, how long does it take for the claim to be processed?

  1. The Claims approval process takes no longer than 15 workdays after receiving all documents from the claimants.
  2. The Claims payment process takes no longer than 15 workdays after receiving all documents from the claimants. 

@2022 Chubb. The contents of this document are for informative purposes only and do not constitute advice. Please review the full terms, conditions and exclusions of our policies to consider whether they are right for you. Coverage may be underwritten by one or more Chubb companies or our network partners. Not all coverages and services are available in all countries and territories. Chubb® and its respective logos, and Chubb. Insured.SM are protected trademarks of Chubb.

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