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jewellery insurance by Chubb in Singapore

Jewellery can be an integral part of your life, handed down through the generations, received as a gift from a loved one or bought as a reminder of an extraordinary place or period in your life. Your jewellery is more than just something you wear. These priceless pieces evoke memories of a special time in your life.

While jewellery can be included as part of your general household insurance policy, it is common for such policies to fall well behind the mark when it comes to providing appropriate coverage in the unfortunate event that any of your prized possessions are stolen, lost or damaged.

With a Chubb Masterpiece® policy, you will receive comprehensive, flexible coverage and seamless service. We cover most causes of loss, like a broken link in your bracelet, or a necklace that goes missing while on a trip – all with no deductible. Let us help protect the very special things you’ve acquired over the years.

Masterpiece Jewellery Coverage Highlights


Here are some of the jewellery coverage highlights available from our Masterpiece Valuable Articles Coverage section:

  • The market value of each piece of fine jewellery in your collection is determined from the start. In the event of a total covered loss, you will receive 100% of the insured value, with no excess or depreciation.
  • Worldwide cover for physical loss or damage no matter where you go or how long you stay.
  • Option to receive cash settlement in the event of irreparable damage or loss.
  • If one piece of a pair or set is lost or damaged beyond repair, you can simply choose to hand in the remaining piece(s) and we will pay the full replacement cost for the entire pair or set.
  • If an itemised piece is damaged, we will not only pay to repair it, but also compensate for any loss in market value as a result of the damage.
  • Immediate cover for new acquisitions within 90 days notification, up to 25% of the existing itemised amount, subject to a maximum of $100,000.

Hear from our customers

"I personally found Chubb's service to be exactly as I'd hoped for. I lost a very sentimental pair of earrings I had been gifted by my husband for my 50th birthday in Italy. I was very upset but grateful that Chubb made the replacement of the earrings seamless. It meant a lot not to have to fight to get the earring replaced."


- Google Review, Mar '21

"Chubb Masterpiece is a must have product for keeping all the belongings of you and your family secure and giving you peace of mind. My pride and joy watch was badly damaged in an accident and the claim was handled extremely quickly and professionally. And this isn't the first time Chubb and their agents have swooped to the rescue in such a fashion. The lifesaver that transformed my feelings of heartbreak into relief was Gayle Shepherdson. Thank you Gayle."

- Google Review, Jul '21

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