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Insurance for Your Valuable Articles

You’ve worked hard to acquire the things you possess. That unique piece of art, the exquisite hand-crafted timepiece or the one-of-a-kind family heirloom.

When it comes to protecting the things that matter most, the last thing you need to hear – should your valuable items be lost, stolen or damaged – is that they’re not insured for their true value. Not all insurance products are equal. You can be assured that Chubb covers your valuable articles the way no other insurer can match.

While typical homeowner’s policies are designed to cover your home and what’s inside, there is sometimes limited coverage for valuable items – such as jewellery, watches, fine art, wine and spirits, bicycles, and antiques – that may get lost, stolen, or damaged.

Tailored Protection with Superior Service
Tailored Protection with Superior Service


Chubb’s flagship prestige home and valuables offering for families and individuals with significant assets to insure and who appreciate a premium level of cover and service.

Key Coverage Highlights

Valuable Articles

Masterpiece® provides comprehensive coverage for valuable articles, so you can protect the items that are special to you.

What is covered?

  • Jewellery and Watches
  • Fine art / Antiques
  • Wine collection
  • Bicycles
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports gear / equipment
  • China and crystal
  • Cameras
  • Silverware
  • Manuscripts
  • Rare books
  • Furs
  • Stamps and coins

Key Benefits

  • List items in your collection separately from your contents cover. This way each item you list will be insured for an amount determined by you.


  • Blanket Cover

If you don’t want itemised cover, we can tailor a programme that covers every item under one blanket limit with a specified limit per item. So if you have a loss, your valuable item(s) will be replaced or repaired up to the insured limit.


  • Loss in Market Value Cover

If a valuable with itemised cover is damaged and suffers a loss in market value as a result, Chubb will pay for the reduction in market value up to the insured amount.


  • Pairs and Sets Cover

Often valuable items form a part of a pair or set. If one piece of an itemised pair or set is lost or damaged, Chubb will cover the replacement cost of the entire set. All we need is the remaining piece(s).


  • Optional Cash Settlement

In the unfortunate event that a valuable item is irreparably damaged or lost, you can choose to take cash rather than replacing it if it suits you better.


  • Worldwide Cover

Your valuables are automatically covered wherever you take them in the world.

Who Is Valuable Articles Coverage Designed For?

Chubb's valuable articles coverage is included in our Masterpiece policy and is designed for individuals who have invested time and resources into curating their unique collections. The insurance is particularly beneficial for those who have:

  • Watch collections.
  • Stamp collections, which may include valuable or rare stamps.
  • Coin collections, from antique coins to commemorative ones.
  • Sports memorabilia collections, including signed jerseys, cards, and equipment.
  • Other types of collections, big or small, that hold emotional or financial value.

Whether you are a seasoned collector with a large, diverse collection or a hobbyist with a smaller but valued set of items, we understand the passion, time, and dedication you've put into your collection. We are committed to helping safeguard the items you cherish most.

Claims Examples
Claims Examples

Our Insured’s Rolex Sea Dweller was stolen while he was on vacation in Spain. It happened so fast that he didn’t feel the watch coming off his wrist.


Chubb paid S$12,000 to replace the watch.

Our Insured was riding alongside the road when he fell off his bicycle. The accident resulted in damages to the bicycle frame, handlebars, shifters and rear derailleurs.


Chubb paid S$8,280 for the repair cost of the bicycle.

The watch face of our Insured’s cherished Omega Seamaster cracked when a door swung open and struck his wrist.


Chubb paid S$8,500 to replace the watch at his chosen watch boutique.

Our Insured stored his piano in a warehouse while relocating, and the piano's legs that were stored separately in a carton box sustained water damage due to air conditioner leakage at the warehouse.


Chubb paid S$1,800 for the replacement.


Masterpiece covers a wide range of valuable collections including fine art, antiques, jewellery, wine, coins, stamps and memorabilia. Contact your broker to see if your collection qualifies.

The value is generally determined by professional appraisals, purchase receipts, or valuations for insurance purposes.

Yes, you can insure multiple collections under one Masterpiece policy. Chubb can also tailor a comprehensive insurance solution to meet your needs. Consolidating your collections under one policy can simplify the insurance process and provide cost savings.

Chubb may have specific security requirements for high-value collections to minimise theft or damage. Chubb’s team will work with you to assess your existing security measures and suggest any enhancements that may be necessary. This may include secure storage, alarms, and security cameras.

In the unfortunate event of loss or damage to your collection, Chubb's dedicated claims team is available to assist you throughout the process. When filing a claim, you will need to provide detailed documentation, such as proof of ownership, appraisal documents, purchase receipts, and any other relevant information. Chubb's claims experts will guide you through the process, evaluate the loss, and work diligently to provide a fair and efficient resolution.

Please note that Chubb’s valuables article coverage contained in our Masterpiece policy has certain exclusions. For a comprehensive understanding of coverage and exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings and product disclosure statements. 


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