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Insurance for Your Home and Contents

Your home is more than bricks and mortar. It's full of memories and you're reflected in every detail. So if you experience a claim, you'll want more than a cheque from your insurer. You'll want your life back, and to rebuild without hassles, headaches, or delay.

If you are the owner of a fine home or valuable contents, you may wish to consider having insurance to match. 

Tailored Protection with Superior Service
Tailored Protection with Superior Service


Chubb’s flagship prestige home and valuables offering for families and individuals with significant assets to insure and who appreciate a premium level of cover and service.

Key Coverage Highlights

Home and Contents

Coverage can be specifically tailored to cover your home (apartment / condominium / landed property) and valuable possessions. 

What is covered?

  • Bicycles
  • Furniture
  • Handbags
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pens
  • Silverware
  • Sporting and Golf Equipment
  • Stamps
  • Whisky
  • and more...

Please check with Chubb's Masterpiece team for the full range of coverage available.

Key Benefits

  • Extended Replacement Cost Coverage
    We’ll cover the full cost to rebuild your home after a covered loss even if this is more than the sum insured. This safeguards you from the consequences of under-insuring your home.
  • Cash Settlement Option
    You can choose to receive cash if you decide not to rebuild your home or replace your contents in the event of a covered loss.
  • Your Choice of Craftsmen
    We allow you to choose your contractors and craftsmen. Most insurers insist that you use their preferred contractors. When you're insured with Chubb, you control the specialist repair of your home or contents. You can feel confident that the highest quality of work is protecting the future value of your investments.
  • Replacement Cost on Contents
    When replacing your home contents, Chubb pays you what it costs to replace the item today, up to your sums insured. So, all your home contents, from clothing, branded handbags, sports equipment to valuable antiques are covered, without deduction or depreciation.
  • Worldwide Cover for Accidental Loss and Damage
    Our broad cover means all your home contents are automatically covered wherever you are in the world for accidental loss or damage, even when you’re travelling, or your goods are in transit or storage.
Claims Examples
Claims Examples

Insured resided in a 3-storey detached house with an outdoor swimming pool and a water feature that runs along the patio of the premises.


The water feature pump room was discovered to be flooded during a routine inspection by the maintenance contractor. It was likely caused by a power outage at the pump room, due to heavy rain and lightning strikes.


Chubb paid S$19,017 for repairs. 

Insured resides in a 3-storey terrace house. The floor trap for the rainwater downpipe at the level 3 open terrace area was not cleared and was blocked with leaves.


During inclement weather, rainwater overflowed from the open terrace area into the house. As a result, the Insured’s wardrobe, TV console, cabinets, dining table, vacuum machine, shoulder massage kit and hair dryer were damaged.


Chubb paid S$23,267 for replacement of the affected items.  

A burst pipe in our Insured’s condominium resulted in water leakage, causing damage to the flooring.


Chubb paid S$79,014 for repairs.  

A kitchen fire broke out in our Insured’s apartment. 


Chubb paid S$93,000 for temporary accommodation and for the replacement of damaged appliances and furniture.

Our Insured arrived back from Paris and realised that her Hermès mini Kelly bag was missing and reported the lost bag. 



Chubb paid S$39,721 for replacement of the bag.


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