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Family is precious but there are dangers in life that can threaten its emotional and physical wellbeing. That’s why we’ve created Masterpiece Family Protection, a cover for when the unthinkable happens. Whether you’re a victim of a home invasion, carjacking or stalking, it can provide the financial support you need for recovery and help prevent a recurrence, too.

Coverage Highlights

What It Covers

  • Hijacking
    Family Protection Cover will reimburse some of your expenses if you’re the victim of a hijacking occurrence.
  • Car Jacking
    With car jacking becoming an increasing problem in Australia, Masterpiece provides cover if you or your family are threatened during the theft or attempted theft of your car or your property in it.
  • Child Abduction
    In the unfortunate event you ever have to deal with a child abduction incident, we’ll provide cover for associated expenses to help ease the trauma.
  • Stalking
    You don’t have to be a high profile person to be the victim of stalking – it can happen to anyone. And at times, court injunctions are simply not enough to prevent lawbreakers from re-offending. With Masterpiece’s Family Protection, we provide cover for harassment, injury or harm that you or a family member may incur from someone who is subject to a court order.
  • Home Invasion
    Whether at home or abroad, it’s an unfortunate fact that owners of fine homes and valuables are often the targets for home invasion. This can be a traumatic experience for all involved. That’s why Masterpiece’s Family Protection provides cover against home invasion for you and any of your guests who may be at your property during the incident.

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