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Chubb has completed the acquisition of Cigna’s life insurance business in New Zealand. Together, we now have even more talented people, innovative products and quality service to offer.


We’re part of something bigger

Chubb operates in 54 countries and territories and is one of the world’s largest publicly owned insurance companies. Chubb has nearly $200 billion in assets and reported $52 billion of gross premiums written in 2022.  Chubb’s core operating insurance companies maintain financial strength ratings of AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best. Our strong financial position means we’re better able to protect you should the worst happen.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

In 2021, Chubb agreed to buy Cigna’s life insurance business in New Zealand. The sale was completed on 1 July 2022. This means our life insurance business in New Zealand is now part of Chubb. 

Yes. We’ve changed our company name from Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited to Chubb Life Insurance New Zealand Limited (Chubb Life)

Yes. You’ll notice that our logo, email addresses, forms and website have changed from Cigna to Chubb. 

The way you get in touch with us may have changed.

Private Bag 92131
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

Phone numbers remain unchanged.

You’ll continue to be supported by the same great team of people who are committed to offering support and service of the very highest quality.

No. All Chubb Life policies stay the same without any changes to the current terms and conditions.

This depends on how you pay your premiums. The sale does not affect payment details for the majority of existing policies and they should continue to be paid as they are now. However, you’ll notice that Chubb Life will now appear on your Direct Debit or Credit Card statement, rather than Cigna NZ (unless you have a credit card repayment insurance policy these statements don’t change).

If you make manual payments to us then payment details will change. If you currently pay to Cigna A, you will now pay to Chubb Life A. If you pay to Cigna B, you will now pay to Chubb Life B. If you pay to Cigna C, you will now pay to Chubb Life C.

No. The team has not changed and our service to you will not be interrupted. You’ll still deal with the same team however our main email address will change to

If you have an Adviser, they will continue to be your point of contact for expert advice or information about your cover.

We understand this may be a difficult time for you, please be assured your claim won’t be affected in any way. You can continue to talk to your claims consultant who will support you through the process.

Making a claim often comes at a challenging time. If you need to make a claim please talk to your Adviser (if you have one), alternatively you can call or email us.