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Along with property risk engineering inspections and risk improvement solutions, our engineers also have the specialist skills to offer a wide variety of added-value services:

Evaluation and review

  • Corporate risk management standards evaluations and gap analysis
  • Active and passive fire protection system reviews and evaluations
  • Active and passive security system reviews and evaluations
  • New build and refurbishment project reviews
  • New plant and upgrade reviews
  • Fire and security protections impairment management
  • Infrared thermography testing and evaluations
  • Allied perils evaluations
  • NAT Cat mapping and accumulation analysis
  • On-site risk assessment and evaluation inspections
  • AAA and risk score benchmarking
  • Risk profiling/self-assessment tools
  • Customised reporting
  • Business interruption/business continuity planning analysis
  • Supply chain analysis Training, guidance and support
  • Development of best practice guidance documents and emerging risk bulletins
  • Training seminars and workshops
  • Technical support
  • Risk engineering programme management
  • Claims analysis


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Marat Khazeev
Middle Market
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Caner Durmus

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Risk Engineering Services in Europe

From complex multinationals to single site businesses, we craft bespoke and practical risk managed and engineered solutions, enabling clients to identify and remove causes of loss, achieve best industry practice and protect their bottom line.