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Due to the support of our broker partners, the growth of the Chubb Home product since launching over two years ago has been exceptional. Alongside  the Masterpiece policy, Chubb now provides two home & contents offerings for your most important clients.  In May this year, Chubb conducted a webinar to run through the similarities and differences of the two products and now a few months and thousands of quotations later, we feel it would be useful  to remind brokers of the underwriting appetite, particularly for Chubb Home.

The underwriting philosophy that we apply to Chubb Home and Masterpiece is consistent. Aside from the sums insured, if you believe that an account is not suitable for Masterpiece then it is likely not suitable for Chubb Home either. For example homes at high risk of natural catastrophe, such as bushfire or cyclone (e.g. far northern Australia); remote homes which are far from fire fighters (including properties on more than 5 acres) or clients with a history of frequent claims are not within Chubb’s appetite.  

As a reminder, below are the sums insured most appropriate for each product. 


Chubb Home

  • Preferred target is a building sum insured of $800k to $1.5M and/or have contents sum insured of $100k to $250k.
  • The minimum building sum insured is $400k.
  • Jewellery and Fine Art up to $25k per item and $100k per schedule.


  • Preferred target is a building sum insured greater than $1.5M and/or have contents sum insured greater than $250k
  • Secondary locations can be below these values
  • Valuable article items and schedules of any amount


For properties with sums insured below these values, we can only assist if the property is a holiday home or investment property and we also insure  the primary residence.

For a more detailed view of the Underwriting Appetite for both Chubb Home and Masterpiece, please see the attached Chubb Home & Masterpiece Comparison brochure.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that the Chubb Home turnaround time for any quotes that are referred and/or general underwriting questions sent to the team is 48 hours. The email address for any Chubb Home enquiries is

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