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Masterpiece® Homeowners Insurance

As the first High Net Worth home and contents product in the Australian market, Chubb has been protecting successful Australians for over 30 years.  Chubb’s flagship prestige home and contents offering, Masterpiece is for people with significant assets to insure, who appreciate a premium level of cover and service that’s customisable to their needs. 

Let us raise your expectations

Free home appraisal

Our highly qualified team of Risk Engineers will come out to your home and provide a free home appraisal to ensure you’re adequately protected in case something happens.

Need more, get more

With our extended replacement cost feature, we’ll extend your coverage beyond the policy limits if you need to rebuild or restore your home after a loss.

Cash settlement

We’ll give you cash, up to your policy limit, instead of rebuilding after a covered loss.

We look for ways to say yes.®


“Chubb’s quick response took away all the stress.”

Darrell B., Chubb Masterpiece client since 2014

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“Chubb goes the extra mile to make sure that everything's covered.”

Robbie W, Chubb client since 2000

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Do you have enough homeowners insurance for these uncertain times?

If your home or its contents are damaged or destroyed, having the right coverage is key to protecting your finances.

Having your property appraised

Under-insurance affects many people and the more affluent are no exception.

Tips on caring and safeguarding your jewellery

Understanding and knowing how to care for and protect your treasured jewellery can make a significant difference in maintaining its beauty and keeping your pieces sparkling, for years to come.


Masterpiece® is Chubb’s prestige home and contents offering, for people with significant assets to insure, who appreciate a premium level of cover and service that is customisable to their needs.

Chubb Home is Chubb’s comprehensive home and contents cover, for people who appreciate a high-quality level of cover and service, aligned to their budget and needs. 

To find out more about Chubb’s Masterpiece® insurance, get a quote, or to speak to a broker, simply complete this short form and one of our Australian Customer Service Representatives will contact you.

As the longest serving insurer in this specialist area, you’ll benefit from Chubb’s 30 years of experience and focus on prevention and protection. With most properties, we’ll send an experienced Risk Consultant with expertise in evaluating homes like yours to your door. Careful observation will be the first step. The architecture will be documented; details will be catalogued, measured, and photographed. And it’s all complimentary for Chubb policyholders. That’s the premium level of experience you can expect as a Chubb client.

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Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more about Chubb Masterpiece® Insurance? Request a call back and someone in our Australian Customer Service team will be in touch.