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Free water leak shut off device


Water damage resulting from a burst pipe or leaking appliance can be an extremely traumatic event for your clients with the potential for significant damage and lengthy and disruptive repairs. In addition, it’s worth noting that water damage is the most-costly cause of Masterpiece claims in Australia.

One potential solution gaining traction in the Australian market is the installation of an automatic shut-off device to the water mains to help minimise these types of losses. This is designed to limit the amount of water that escapes into a home in the event of a burst pipe or flexi-hose, significantly reducing the risk of resultant damage.

Following on from last year’s campaign, Chubb is excited to announce a new promotional offer to provide a water leak shut off device (supplied by WaterSecure Co under contract with Chubb) free of charge for all new Masterpiece Signature policies bound between 22nd June 2022 and 30th June 2023 (“Promotion Period”).

The Flo Smart Water Shutoff device by WaterSecure Co is connected to the main water supply line and continuously monitors the home’s water pressure, flow rate and temperature running daily health tests to help identify leaks. If a leak is detected, the device can automatically shut off the home’s water to prevent further damage. In addition, the ‘smart’ capability of the device includes an app which allows the home owner via their mobile phone to manage alerts, see how much water is being used and even remotely shut off the water to their home. To learn more on the functionality of the device, watch the promotional video at


Frequently asked questions


Q. Who is eligible for the free water shut off device?
A. Any new business client who is issued a Masterpiece Signature policy from Chubb between 22nd  June 2022 and end of June 2023. To qualify for a Masterpiece Signature policy, the base premium must be $10,000 or higher.


Q. What is the retail value of the device?
A. A$1,299


Q. Is the cost of the installation included with the offer?
A. No. However, WaterSecure Co have a national installer partnership with Planet Plumbing. If your client chooses to have Planet Plumbing undertake the installation, WaterSecure will provide them with an installation credit (the greater of $100 or 15% of the cost of the installation).


Q. Can your clients use their own plumber to install the device?
A. Yes, but Chubb will only pay for the supply of the device. The client will be responsible for all installation costs.


Q. What if your client’s new Masterpiece Signature policy includes both their main home and a secondary residence?
A. Only one free water leak shut off device will be supplied with the client able to install the device at either property.


Q. Is this offer applicable to new Masterpiece Signature clients who live in an apartment?
A. Yes, the device can be installed to an apartment provided the apartment has its own hot water system.  


Q. Is the client entitled to a premium discount following installation of the device supplied via this offer?
A. A premium discount may be available following installation.


Q. How does your client initiate this free offer?
A. Upon binding of the Masterpiece Signature quote during the Promotion Period, please provide confirmation to Chubb that your client wishes to proceed with the offer, along with their contact details and delivery address. Chubb will co-ordinate the delivery of the water leak shut off device.


Q. Are existing Masterpiece Signature clients eligible?
A. No, at this stage only new business Masterpiece Signature clients are eligible. However, for all existing Chubb clients with a home and/or contents insurance policy, WaterSecure Co is offering a $200 discount on the retail price for the supply of a water leak shut off device. Learn more at


Q. Are existing Chubb clients who purchase the water leak shut off device directly from Water Secure also entitled to the installation credit?
A. Yes (the greater of $100 or 15% of the cost of installation), but only where the client chooses to have the installation undertaken by WaterSecure Co’s installation partner Planet Plumbing.


Chubb’s Masterpiece Signature policy provides insurance cover for successful families and individuals with significant assets to insure and who appreciate superior levels of cover and service. Masterpiece Signature provides cover for homes, contents, fine art, jewellery, personal liability and some additional life-style benefits and trauma covers including cyber covers.

Additionally, Chubb will arrange for a Risk Consultant to visit your clients’ home to determine the amount of coverage they need, share advice on water damage and fire prevention, as well as suggestions for protecting their valuables from damage and theft.

More information can be found at

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