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Financial Plan for Individual with Critical Illness Benefits

This product line is a comprehensive and sustainable financial solution against risks of accident and incurable diseases, offering customers outstanding benefits.

Financial Plan for Family with Critical Illness Benefits

With this financial plan, Chubb Life hopes to share financial burdens with families whose breadwinner suffers from critical illness, thus assuring and enabling them to pursue their future plans

Premier Universal Life 2013

Premier Universal Life 2013 for you and your family from Chubb. Turn your supplementary benefits into value and investments.

Executive Universal Life Plus 2015

Executive Universal Life Plus 2015 for you from Chubb. Competitive premium rates meet comprehensive coverage and investment benefits.

Global Personal Accident

Global Personal Accident Insurance for you from Chubb. Comprehensive personal coverage at an affordable daily premium.

Economy Universal Life - Option A

Economy Universal Life for you from Chubb. Flexibility in premium payments when you need it.

Economy Universal Life – Option B

Economy Universal Life – Option B for you and your loved ones from Chubb. Optimal insurance protection with option to upgrade for investment.

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