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The Premier Universal Life 2013 is designed to optimise customers’ benefits in addition to meet their financial protection needs against unexpected risks.

This a package product which provides customers and their family members* with maximum protection in one policy. In addition to the main plan, customers can select to add supplementary benefit(s) to enjoy a more comprehensive protection in a single policy.

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One of the advanced features of Premier Universal Life 2013 is that after deducting the prescribed charges and fees, all premium of main plan and supplementary benefits will be contributed to one single policy account value and is eligible for investment benefits according to the investment policy of the Universal Life Fund. Thereby, customers with more supplementary benefits added will have higher account value than those without or have less supplementary benefits.

More supplementary benefits:

- Total and Permanent Disability

- Enhanced Accidential Death and Dismemberment

- Long-scale Accidential Death and Dismemberment

- Staged Critical Illness

- Multiple Pay Critical Illness

- Hospital Stay Plus

- One Time Hospital Stay

- Charge Waiver

- Spouse Tearm

- Spouse Waiver

- Payor Term

- Payor Waiver

- Inflation Indexed Term

- Parents Term

- Parents Waiver Due to Citical Illness

- Parents Waiver Due to Death

- Hospital Cash Benefit

- Spouse Waiver Due to Critical Illnesses

- Payor Waiver Due to Critical Illnesses

- Cancer Protection Benefit

Premier Universal Life 2013

Please see Policy Wordings for full details

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Policy Wording (supplement benefits included)
Bare & Basic Quotation

  • Option B:

Policy Wording (supplement benefits included)
Bare & Basic Quotation

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