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Chubb Masterpiece Coverage

Home & Contents

From your home to the things you care about most, there's a lot to protect. And for that, you want a tailored kind of protection and dedicated level of service that you deserve – the kind that Masterpiece provides.

Valuable Articles

You’ve worked hard to acquire the things you possess. That unique piece of art, the exquisite hand-crafted timepiece or the one of a kind family heirloom. You can be assured that Chubb covers your valuable articles the way no other insurer can match.

Jewellery Collection

Chubb specialises in the insurance of fine jewellery, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your precious jewellery is receiving utmost protection.

Art Collection

We put specialists with the knowledge and expertise to respond to your needs. You can be assured that your fine art is with an insurer who can deliver on its promises.

Personal Liability

Whether its slander, a guest injury at your home or damage to a neighbour’s property, Chubb can offer a personal liability cover as part of your Masterpiece policy to protect you and your family from lawsuits that could arise.

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[Video] Insurance for your most valued possessions

As we grow, we acquire possessions - possessions that enrich our lives. It can be a jewellery collection, luxury bags, wine, the sport we enjoy, the musical instruments we play, or the home we live in. These are the kinds of possessions that need to be properly protected. For their material worth and for what they mean to us.

Masterpiece, insurance for your most valued possessions.

Why Chubb?

What makes Masterpiece® so different?

Owners of valuable assets may be tempted to save on their policy premiums, but when there is a claim, they may find that they are not sufficiently covered. Ordinary home policies can offer low premiums because they come with ‘small prints’ limiting the amounts they pay out. So, if you own a higher value home and valuable assets, it may be too late when you realise that you are not adequately insured. This is precisely the reason why Masterpiece® is unique. We put our insureds’ needs first with our 3-step approach.

Chubb’s radical 3-step approach

  • Step 1 – We believe in total transparency

We agree with you upfront, exactly what is insured and for how much. This eliminates over and under-insurance, and any haggling after the event. We also offer ‘agreed value’ for valuables and fine art - so you know the exact sum you will receive in the event of a loss.

  • Step 2 – We provide broad cover

We provide ‘all risks’ cover (including accidental damage) with minimal restrictive conditions, no under-insurance penalties and no small print. It comes from understanding what we are insuring.

  • Step 3 – We aim to pay claims

The moment you make a claim, we are ready to deal with it in a fast, fair and fussfree way.

Not Just a Claim – It’s Fact

At Chubb, we pride ourselves on our worldwide reputation for delivering an outstanding claims service. Our approach to handling claims is the same as what it was when Chubb was founded in 1882. We strive to treat every customer the way we would like to be treated if we experienced the same loss.


Protect your home and valuables

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