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Home and Valuables Insurance

Expert insurers of your most valued possessions

Enjoy tailored protection to meet your individual needs. Chubb offers quality home and valuables insurance that's customisable, depending on the cover you need. 

At Chubb, when it comes to helping you protect your valuable possessions, we go beyond your expectations. Our Masterpiece® policy provides coverage for individuals with significant assets to protect, and who appreciate superior levels of insurance cover and service for their homes, contents, fine art, jewellery, antiques, collections and personal liability.

Right from the start, you’ll see that Chubb is different. We don’t simply process claims. We look for ways to prevent damage from happening and go out of our way to make the claim process easy for you if something happens to you or your valued possessions.



Chubb’s flagship prestige home and valuables offering for families and individuals with significant assets to insure and who appreciate a premium level of cover and service.

Claims in Singapore



A kitchen fire broke out in an apartment and our customer incurred fees for temporary accommodation and for the replacement cost of damaged appliances and furniture. Chubb paid S$93,000 for this claim.



Handbags were stolen from our customer's home in Singapore and were never recovered. Chubb paid S$140,000 to replace the bags.



Our customer's engagement ring was chipped from an accidental impact. Chubb paid S$102,000 for the repairs, undertaken by the customer's choice of jeweller.



Our customer was robbed of his watch while he was on holiday. Chubb paid S$13,000 for the replacement cost of the watch.



Our customer's mountain bike was missing from the parking space of his residence. Chubb paid S$8,960 for the replacement cost of the bike.

What makes Chubb Masterpiece® so different?

Owners of valuable assets may be tempted to save on their policy premiums, but when there is a claim, they may find that they are not sufficiently covered. Ordinary home policies can offer low premiums because they come with ‘small prints’ limiting the amounts they pay out. So, if you own a higher value home and valuable assets, it may be too late when you realise that you are not adequately insured.


This is precisely the reason why Chubb Masterpiece is unique. We put our insureds’ needs first with our 3-step approach.

Chubb’s radical 3-step approach
Chubb’s radical 3-step approach

Step 1 – We believe in total transparency

We agree with you upfront, exactly what is insured and for how much. This eliminates over and under-insurance, and any haggling after the event. We also offer ‘agreed value’ for valuables and fine art - so you know the exact sum you will receive in the event of a loss.


Step 2 – We provide broad cover

We provide ‘all risks’ cover (including accidental damage) with minimal restrictive conditions, no under-insurance penalties and no small print. It comes from understanding what we are insuring.

Step 3 – We aim to pay claims

The moment you make a claim, we are ready to deal with it in a fast, fair and fuss-free way.

Let us raise your expectations of what insurers can deliver.

Why should you choose Chubb?

Our Accolades

Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies

Excellent Service Award

(2023 - 2017, 2015 - 2014)


Hear from Our Partners
Hear from Our Partners

"I feel confident recommending Chubb’s products because of their sterling history in claims handling and customer service."

- Stefanie Schneider
  Private Client Advisor, Expat Insurance Pte Ltd

"Efficient, reassuring, and exceptional service are the key descriptors that come to mind when discussing Masterpiece and its offerings."

- Kenneth De Souza
  Senior Financial Consultant, Great Eastern Financial Advisors

"I have had the best experience with the team from Chubb, and I work with over 15 partner insurers!"

- Charmian Tan
  Wealth Planner, Infinity Financial Advisory

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Masterpiece® is Chubb’s prestige home and contents offering, for people with significant assets to insure, who appreciate a premium level of cover and service that is customisable to their needs.

To find out more about Chubb’s Masterpiece® insurance, get a quote, or to speak to a broker, simply complete this short form and one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you.

As the longest serving insurer in this specialist area, you’ll benefit from Chubb’s 30 years of experience and focus on prevention and protection. With most properties, we’ll send an experienced Risk Consultant with expertise in evaluating homes like yours to your door. Careful observation will be the first step. The architecture will be documented; details will be catalogued, measured, and photographed. And it’s all complimentary for Chubb policyholders. That’s the premium level of experience you can expect as a Chubb client.

The minimum premium for Masterpiece is SGD1,000 (before GST).

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