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What is the role of Chubb Assistance?

Chubb Assistance provides business travellers and expatriates with quality emergency assistance services 24 hours a day.

How can Chubb Assistance help?

Chubb Assistance helps provide you with peace of mind. One phone call connects you to the Chubb Assistance network of specialists for immediate help in an emergency.

Chubb Assistance services are designed to provide you with medical, personal, travel and Legal referral assistance when away from home. Call Chubb Assistance at any time to speak with a physician about simple or critical matters.

How does the service work?

Carry the Chubb Assistance card with you whilst overseas. In the event of an emergency, call the phone number listed on the card.

What information do I need to provide?

To ensure a prompt response when calling, you should be prepared to provide the following:

Your name, age, sex, location and nationality
The name of your employer - as shown on the front of the card
Your policy number, as shown on the front of the card
The telephone number from which you are calling (in case you are disconnected)
If you are not the employee, your relationship to the employee
Name, location and telephone number of the hospital, clinic or treating doctor (when applicable)

What if I have pre-trip questions about my travel destination?

Call Chubb Assistance for any pre-trip questions you may have regarding your destination.

What if I need a doctor?

Call Chubb Assistance for a referral to a doctor who speaks your language.

What if I need a lawyer while overseas?

Call Chubb Assistance for legal referrals.

Contacting Chubb Assistance from the USA.

Try adding the prefix (0011) in front of the phone number; i.e. 0011 64 9 374 1775.

Is there an email address I can use to contact Chubb Assistance?

You can email us at

What if I need prescription medication?

If, as the result of a claim you require a prescription that a local physician cannot obtain, or you need to replace lost, stolen or depleted medication, Chubb Assistance will, when permissible by local law, send the needed medication to you.

What if I am hospitalised?

Call Chubb Assistance and we will immediately take steps to evaluate the care you are receiving and determine what actions must be taken to ensure your safe and speedy recovery.

What if local medical facilities are not adequate?

If you are hospitalised in an area where adequate medical facilities are not available, Chubb Assistance will evacuate you to a medical facility capable of providing the required care.
A physician supervises evacuations, and when necessary, a medical specialist or nurse will accompany you during the evacuation. An air ambulance will be used when required.

What happens when I am released from the hospital and still need help?

When your condition is stabilised and Chubb Assistance has determined that it is medically advisable to bring you home or to a facility near your permanent residence, Chubb Assistance will arrange the repatriation under medical supervision.

Will Chubb Assistance pay my medical bills?

Upon acceptance of your claim Chubb Assistance will guarantee and pay all costs associated with your medical care.
Chubb Assistance will also medically monitor and evaluate your condition and ongoing medical expenses during your hospitalisation.

What happens in the event of death?

Chubb Assistance will render all assistance possible to obtain clearances and arrange transportation for the return of mortal remains.