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Venture capital and private equity firms encounter numerous risks doing what they do. To protect their bottom-line and the financial security of the individuals involved, our Venture Capital Asset Protection (VCAP) policy offers broad liability protection. So whether your company’s financing a portfolio company or serving on its board of directors, you’re covered.

Coverage Highlights

What it covers

Chubb’s VCAP policy offers a combination of coverages specifically designed to meet the needs of venture capital firms. Covers include:

  • Management liability
  • Management indemnification
  • Outside directorship liability
  • Professional services liability
  • Crime

These covers combine to ensure that adequate cover is provided for the unique exposures of venture capital and private equity firms in today’s day and age.

Product Hightlights

  • Broad definition of ‘Professional Services’
  • Outside directorship cover
  • Broad definition of ‘Insured’
  • Worldwide cover

Chubb only provides general advice and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. To decide if this product is right for you and to obtain a copy of the Expatriate Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), contact a Chubb Independent or Global Broker Unit representative today.

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