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We understand that environmental liabilities can impact business operations. That’s why our specialised suite of Premises Pollution Liability products can be structured to provide broad protection to safeguard owners, managers and operators of various premises. So whether the liabilities are gradually occurring, sudden or accidental, you’ll be adequately covered.

Coverage Highlights

What it Covers

  • Clean-up costs imposed by regulators, including own premises and any offsite land, water or natural resources
  • Third party coverage for bodily injury, property damage, clean-up costs and nuisance
  • Third party claims for pollution caused by the transportation of products or waste
  • First party business interruption resulting from pollution conditions
  • Environmental liability protection for damage to biodiversity, including complementary and compensatory remediation costs


  • The ability to cover business interruption and known conditions by endorsement
  • The ability to cover liabilities encountered in mergers and acquisitions
  • The ability to cover acquired and divested properties by endorsement

Chubb only provides general advice and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. To decide if this product is right for you and to obtain a copy of the Expatriate Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), contact a Chubb Independent or Global Broker Unit representative today.

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