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Group Critical Illness & Injury Insurance is a product providing cover for events such as diagnosis of diseases including but not limited to cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and paralysis.

With employee benefits becoming a core conversation both during and post COVID-19 in New Zealand, safeguarding employees’ health and wellbeing is becoming an ongoing conversation for businesses. With drivers such as improving workplace safety, morale and engagement and improving productivity, health and wellbeing initiatives are becoming increasingly popular.

Chubb is pleased to present its own Group Critical Illness and Injury product with the aim to deliver an additional option for employers. The product includes additional cover not available under any Group Critical Illness products currently in the market.

Group Critical Illness & Injury Coverage Highlights

  • Lump sum benefit on diagnosis of a defined Critical Illness or Injury
  • Short-term weekly benefits for Temporary Total Disablement directly resulting from Illness or Injury
  • All Employees generally automatically accepted as Covered Persons
  • Takeover terms which allow a seamless transition for existing insured clients
  • Automatic cover extension that covers Covered Persons while on employer approved leave or expatriate assignment
  • Return to work assistance if an Employee suffers from Temporary Total Disablement
  • 24-hour cover for permanent employees 

There are three coverage options, providing flexibility for a client who is looking to provide varied levels of cover and benefits to different Employees (i.e. directors, senior management and all other Employees).

  • Cancer only;
  • Three (3) Critical Illness (cancer, stroke, heart attack); and
  • Full Critical Illness (includes 33 named Critical Illnesses and Injuries).

Group Critical Illness & Injury Cover Exclusions

Exclusions apply to the benefits available under the policy.  For example, We will not pay a Critical Illness or Injury lump sum benefit if:

  • The Critical Illness or Injury occurred during the Waiting Period; or
  • A Covered Person has been diagnosed with a condition or has undergone a surgery and then survives for a period of less than fourteen (14) days after the diagnosis or surgery.

We will not pay a Temporary Total Disablement benefit to the extent a benefit is payable under ACC or if the Temporary Total Disablement directly or indirectly results from:

  • Any pre-existing Medical Condition, any Mental Health Condition or pregnancy/childbirth;
  • A Covered Person training for an/or participating in a Professional Sport; or
  • A Covered Person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please read the Group Critical Illness & Injury Insurance Policy Wording for full details of the exclusions, as well as the terms and conditions that apply under the Policy.  Please also refer to the Critical Illness Fact Sheet.

Capitalised terms on this page are defined in the Policy Wording. For all Policy definitions please refer to pages 10 to 12, 14 to 19 and 22 to 23 of the Policy.

Disclaimer: The Group Critical Illness & Injury Insurance policy is issued and underwritten by Chubb New Zealand Limited Company No. 104656, FSP No. 35924 (Chubb). Any advice on this webpage is general only and does not take into account your personal circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs of the insured or prospective insured.  The insured and/or prospective insured should consider the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the insurance policy, and obtain financial advice if required, before making any decisions about the policy.

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