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Pollution liabilities can arise suddenly during operations at a job site or develop over time. Chubb’s Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance protects against these liabilities and includes indemnity for clean-up costs incurred as a result of third party claims. If you’re insured, this policy covers you and your subcontractors as you carry out your work on site.

Coverage Summary

Coverage Highlights

  • Liability for third-party bodily injury, property damage, trespass, puissance or obstruction
  • Indemnity for clean-up costs incurred by the insured in relation to such third-party claims
  • Costs and expenses included for all claims within the policy limits

Key Benefits

  • Coverage for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution
  • Claims-made or occurence forms available
  • Coverage on a practice or project specific basis
  • Pollution 'wrap-up' solutions available 
  • Automatic coverage for biodiversity (natural resource) damage
  • Coverage for damage to third-party property including diminishment in value

Key Enhancements

In March 2020 Chubb launched the Contractors Pollution Liability III Wording (CPLIII) to the New Zealand market. The CPLIII policy is designed to offer protection for third-party environmental liabilities arising out of the covered operations of our clients. The CPLIII has been tailored by Chubb Environmental Risk to meet our clients' specific needs, industry and principle contractor requirements.

Key enhancements built into the new CPLIII Wording include:

  • Asbestos & Fungi exclusion deleted
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation where written by contract
  • Addition of new insuring agreements of Emergency Response and Catastrophe Management Coverage
  • Pollution Condition definition expanded to include Illicit Abandonment, soil, silt and sedimention
  • Covered Operations now includes project management, site supervision and waste disposal services
  • Inclusion of new term - Site Environmental Condition (ie. fungi or legionella)
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site (NODs) granted on an occurence basis
  • Coverage for claims arising from Covered Operations performed world-wide (provided that any legal action is initiatied and claim is made within NZ)

Program Parameters

  • Limits available up to $50 million
  • Term available up to 10 years

The above is a product summary only. For actual terms and conditions, please refer to the policy. The foregoing presents examples of the types of coverage available under the CPL policy and is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the policy. The information contained herein is not intended to explain or broaden coverage afforded under this or any policy or product offered by Chubb.

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