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Getting in touch with us

While there’ll be no change to our phone numbers, there’s two changes to the way you contact us now we’ve rebranded to Chubb.

The website has changed from to

To help ease the transition, if you or your customers visit a page Cigna on the website there will be an automatic re-direct to the new page on the website. These redirects will be in place until 30 June 2023.

There’s also a redirect in place for emails so whether someone emails or, the re-direct will ensure the email still gets to the right place.

  • All emails have been redirected to a new Chubb address, for example has become to
  • All the teams names have changed eg becomes

Please update your contacts to the Chubb version of the email address.

A full list of the website and email addresses you need is available on Adviser Hub