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Enhancements to our commission offering

April 2024

We recognise the increasing number of Advisers looking to grow their business asset and build successful long term sustainable businesses. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce from 30 April we’re increasing our pendulum commission offering for new business to give you increased flexibility around how you’re paid and to support you to grow value in your business, faster. 

The following changes will take effect from 30 April:

  1. Our pendulum commission options have increased to support your hard work and efforts in continually growing your business asset. These now provide an increased up-front component when you choose either the 15%, 20% or 30% renewal option. This higher pendulum offering is further enhanced by our paying of renewal commission from Month 2.
  2. In line with the change above, we’ve also increased our Disability Income upfront rate and pendulum options.

The above changes reflect the ever-increasing importance of your role in supporting your customers’ changing needs not only now, but in the long-term. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work you do to protect the financial futures and life’s work of your customers.

These changes will take effect from 30 April 2024 and revised Remuneration Schedules will be sent directly to those holding a Master Agency.