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Don’t miss out on Two Months’ Free

There’s still time in the New Year to get fit, get organised and get two months of free cover with our extended offer on Assurance Extra products until the end of March for your new and existing customers wanting to extend their cover.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to take advantage of this offer with a great customer conversation starter, and a great introduction to Chubb Life. 


How does Two Months’ Free work? 

New customers who purchase Chubb Life insurance with an Adviser will receive two whole months of free cover.

Existing customers who increase their cover level with an Adviser will receive the first two months of increased cover at no additional cost.

To learn more and see the full terms, conditions and eligibility criteria visit


Check out our updated digital toolkit

We’ve updated our campaign with the Chubb brand and refreshed our messaging to remind customers there’s still time. 

Download toolkit here

Download existing customer flyer

Download new customer flyer

Two Months Free FAQs


Thank you for your support

Please continue to share any feedback or questions you have about this with your Business Partnership Manager. We hope these campaigns continue to make a difference.


Finer details 

  • Open to all benefits in the Assurance Extra, Business Extra, Business Assurance and Agribusiness Extra product range.
  • The offer is open to new customers who take up any new policy for any qualifying Chubb Life Advice product.
  • The offer is open to existing customers who increase their cover on any qualifying Chubb Life Advice product.