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Assurance Extra Business 101

We’ve opened the seasonal booster benefit on the monthly disability product to farmers and those working in the agricultural industry.

Here’s a list of current occupation classes that qualify as Agricultural. This is a “live” list which isn’t exhaustive, and will be updated as necessary.

DOWNLOAD: Occupational Classes List

Notes regarding occupation classes

  • While we’ll consider an application for any of the listed occupations for an Assurance Extra Business Monthly Benefit, including Seasonal Booster, each application is still assessed individually.
  • A “job title” is not the same as “job duties”.
  • We assess for the risk of duties regardless of title.
  • Job title is not a guarantee of being acceptable for cover and this will be determined by the Underwriter once they have considered the duties that go with the job title.
  • The job title gives us a reasonable place to start when we are assessing an application. We know generally what the duties are associated with the title, but variation from the standardised duties may require re-rating of the occupation class.

You’ll be able to use this list of occupations and the enhancement to our Start Up and Monthly Disability benefits for additional sales opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding our new Assurance Extra Business product, please get in touch with your Business Partnership Manager.