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Chubb Life NZ Internships 2023

Chubb Life is one of New Zealand’s leading life insurance providers.

The Chubb Life internship experience

During the 2023/2024 summer break, we’re offering four internships at Chubb Life in finance, marketing, human resources and legal. These internship opportunities will help you discover your potential and give you a taste of what it's like to work in a global life insurance company - in an inclusive and supportive environment.

If you're ready to take on a meaningful challenge and be part of an industry that empowers individuals, families and businesses, and helps New Zealanders protect what matters most to them, register now and you could shape your future in ways you've never imagined.

Chubb Life is the international life insurance division of Chubb, the world's largest publicly traded insurer. With a presence in 54 countries and territories across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, we're not just about policies and numbers; we're all about making a real impact in the lives of people worldwide.

In New Zealand, Chubb Life Insurance has been a trusted provider of high-quality insurance products and services for over a century. We've proudly helped New Zealanders protect what matters to them most. 

What makes us special is our people-centered culture. We’re committed to diversity and inclusion, creating a workplace where everyone feels respected, welcomed, and valued. We're proud to wear the Rainbow Tick, a symbol of our ongoing efforts to foster a supportive and diverse workforce and we’re going green with a range of climate saving and environmental initiatives to and do our part in protecting the planet for future generations.

Working in the life insurance sector offers more than just a job, it provides an opportunity to make a tangible difference in people's lives. You'll be part of a crucial mission - helping individuals and families protect their financial future and what matters most to them. Knowing you've helped someone during their most challenging times is truly rewarding.

Not only does the life insurance industry impacts positively on New Zealanders, it also offers diverse and exciting career paths. Whether you're passionate about crunching numbers, creating innovative marketing campaigns, or developing cutting-edge technologies, there's a plethora of opportunities to improve your skills and make a difference. 

Internships Overview

Join us for an enriching Human Resources (HR) internship at Chubb Life Insurance New Zealand. This 8-week (approximate) programme from November 2023 to January 2024 offers a dynamic experience in our HR team. As an intern, you'll provide high-quality administrative and analytical support to the team, including taking an active role in staff recruitment procedures, contributing to process improvement and various other projects. 

Throughout the internship, you'll have the opportunity to think critically, demonstrate creativity, and actively contribute to discussions. You’ll enhance your technical skills, gain a broader understanding of HR's role in the business and appreciate the significance of the life insurance industry. 

While delivering solutions with high quality and within specified timelines, you’ll foster positive working relationships with the HR team and embrace your personal and professional growth by reflecting on and identifying areas for development. 

This internship will empower you to thrive in a fast-paced and supportive environment, preparing you for a promising future in the field of Human Resources.

Discover the world of finance with our exciting finance internship at Chubb Life Insurance New Zealand. Join us for approximately 8 weeks from November 2023 to January 2024 and gain practical experience in various finance areas. As an intern, you'll learn about technical accounting areas and document processes end-to-end. Moreover, you'll contribute to year-end financial matters and gain insights into the financial statement process.

Internship Responsibilities:

  • Gain practical experience in day-to-day transactional processes, such as conducting bank reconciliations.
  • Learn about accounting technical areas, including preparing lease entries for month-end ledgers.
  • Analyse and document processes in an appropriate format, such as PA or accounting processes.
  • Participate in applying technical accounting for significant year-end matters, contributing to various year-end memos for items like LSL, provisions, and impairment.
  • Understand the financial statement process, participate in tick and bash activities, and prepare supporting information for some of the notes and uploading them to Connect.
  • Shadow key roles, attending meetings with Board members, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, and Finance Manager to understand their day-to-day work and challenges in the finance world.

At Chubb Life, we prioritise your growth and development throughout the internship. You'll be encouraged to think critically, contribute innovative ideas, and demonstrate adaptability in various finance tasks.

You’ll enhance your technical skills, understand how the finance team supports the business and the life insurance industry, ensuring solutions meet high-quality standards and are delivered on time. You’ll foster positive working relationships within the finance team, manage stakeholder expectations, take ownership of tasks, and show initiative in supporting the team's goals.

This internship will empower you to thrive in a fast-paced and supportive environment, preparing you for a promising future in a finance team.

Passionate about marketing? Join us for approximately 8 weeks from November 2023 to January 2024 and gain practical experience in our marketing and communications team. We’re offering a hands-on experience across various disciplines, including marketing strategy, digital, brand, design, internal and external communications, consumer insights and more.

During the internship, we’ll ask you to create a plan to promote insurance cover to graduates - gaining practical experience in developing marketing campaigns from inception to execution. Furthermore, you'll actively support the team with adhoc projects, gaining exposure to real-world marketing challenges.

Beyond gaining diverse marketing experiences, the marketing internship at Chubb Life Insurance New Zealand offers a deeper understanding of the life insurance industry and its impact on the lives of New Zealanders. 

This internship provides the perfect platform to hone your critical thinking, unleash your creativity, and improve your technical marketing and communications skills. You’ll collaborate with the team to make a meaningful impact during your time with us.

Are you interested in the legal, risk, and governance areas? Join our Legal, Risk, and Governance Internship for an exciting 8-week programme (approximately) from November 2023 to January 2024. As an intern, you'll be an integral part of the team, contributing to various projects such as contracts management solution and records management review outcomes. You'll support the team with research and analysis, work on streamlining processes, assist with non-Board governance tasks, and track actions and deliverables across functions.

This internship is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your critical thinking and creativity by finding innovative solutions for tasks that may lack well-documented processes. You’ll actively participate in work discussions, bring your unique insights to the table, and demonstrate adaptability in handling diverse challenges. This intern opportunity will help you gain and understanding of the critical role the legal, risk and governance team plays in delivering successful outcomes to customers in the life insurance industry.

If you're studying towards a career in the legal, risk, or governance fields, this internship will provide you with valuable hands-on experience and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Hear about what it's like to work at Chubb from some of our team


What did you study? I finished studying a BAppSc at the University of Otago majoring in data science and statistics last year.

What’s your role at Chubb? I work in the data team as an Analytics Engineer.

What do you like about working at Chubb? There are a few things which stand out, at Chubb Life we have a customer centric approach to business. At our core we strive to protect the lives and wellbeing of New Zealanders. Chubb Life also link into a large global corporate with significant resources and some incredible career growth opportunities. We also offer an supportive and flexible work environment, Chubb made it really easy for me to work remotely while studying towards my university degree.

What’s one thing you’ve learnt since working at Chubb? Working with Chubb has taught me about the importance and value of connecting with colleagues. Chubb fosters a non-hierarchical workplace meaning you can easily access anyone and everyone. Particularly as a younger person your ideas are valued and are given the opportunity to connect and work with all facets of the business.

Most memorable moment since working at Chubb? There are many memorable moments I’ve had since working here from graduating University or progressing in my career at Chubb. One that really stands out was acknowledgement for helping to support our customers in flood affected areas earlier this year. This was particularly memorable for me knowing the impact these events had on friends and whānau up north.

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