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In order to ensure you are directed to the correct area as efficiently as possible please contact the correct department as indicated below.

General inquiries

Please find contact details below for broker or commercial customers.


Anna Källs, Country Manager Sweden and Finland

Per Bengtsson, Head of Commercial Lines Nordic Countries

Please send your inquiries to

Major Accounts

Anders Jacobson, Head of Major Accounts Segment, Nordic Countries                                

Property team

Camilla Furugren, Property Line Manager Nordic Countries

Pia-Karin Törnstrand, Senior Property Underwriter

Fredrik Eriksson, Property Underwriter

Rebecka Brate, Property Underwriter

Alva Fihlén, Student Assistant

Technical Lines

Stanislav Moiseev, Tech Lines Manager Nordic Countries

Simon Kärrsjö, Renewable Energy Underwriter

Casualty team

Andrée Wegebrand, Casualty Manager, Nordics

Eric Adamsson,  Deputy Casualty Manager, Nordics

Johan Tesser, Casualty Underwriter

Alexander Osbjer, Casualty Underwriter

Ella Göhlman, Associate Casualty Underwriter

Kristina Büttner, Client Service Executive

Tanja Barrett, Casualty Underwriter Assistant

Pierre Lindman, Casualty Underwriter Assistant

Gabriella Hammarström, Associate Casualty Underwriter

Industry Practice team Life Science

Sebastian Kollberg, Life Science Manager Nordic Countries

Johanna Forsner, Life Science Underwriter

Clara Nygren, Associate Life Science Underwriter                                  

Pierre Lindman, Life Science Underwriter Assistant

Tanja Barrett, Life Science Underwriter Assistant

Environmental Risks

Rikke Olesen, Portfolio Manager Environmental Risks Nordics

Financial Lines    

Jonas Wåglund, Senior Financial Lines Underwriter

Elisabeth Schönborg, Senior Financial Lines Underwriter

Sara Hellström, Senior Financial Lines Underwriter

Sara Harju, Financial Lines Underwriter

Anette Haglund, Financial Lines Underwriting Assistant


Josephine Bagge, Cyber Line Manager, Nordic Countries

Herman Börjesson, Cyber Underwriter, Nordic Countries

Sara Harju, Cyber Underwriter

Sofie Palosaari, Cyber Underwriting Assistant

Marine Cargo    

Guntac Kaki, Marine Cargo Line Manager Nordic Countries                                                             

Alex Jallow, Marine Underwriter

Michelle Biatingo Abellar, Marine Cargo  Underwriter Assistant

Corporate Accident and Health    

Jenny Llull, Corporate A&H Manager, Nordic Countries

Stine Eide, Corporate A&H Underwriter

Global Services    

Dora Sole Casas, Operations Team Leader Commercial Lines Sweden & Finland

Viktoria Ekstrand, Client Service Executive

Kristina Büttner, Client Service Executive

Jessica Klavir, Client Service Executive

Nordic Service Hub in Madrid

Christian Beviz, Underwriting Operation Technician

Ebba Sjödén, Underwriting Operation Technician

Christian Rasmussen, Underwriting Assistant

Emma Palmer, Multinational Insurance Service Technician Outwards

Josefin Martinsson, Client Services Executive Inwards

Mikael Sandström, Client Services Executive Inwards

Linnea Teuber, Client Services Executive Inwards

Affinity & Partner cooperations

Please find contact details below for Afinity and Partner cooperations in the Nordics.

Natalia Neuvonen, Head of Consumer Business, Northern Europe

Jackson Dalton,  Business Insight Manager, Northern Europe




Kristina Målarbo, Country Claims Manager Nordic Countries 

Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Nordic Countries

Business Travel

Property and Technical Lines

Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Nordic Countries

Thomas Bihl, Claims Adjuster

Åsa Carlson, Claims Adjuster


Victor Grahm, Senior Claims Adjuster 

Vanessa Babington-Monegard, Senior Claims Adjuster

Jenny Jakobsson, Claims Adjuster

Financial Lines

Vanessa Babington-Monegard, Senior Claims Adjuster

Jenny Jakobsson, Claims Adjuster


Amir Tahami, Claims Manager Commercial Lines Nordic Countries

Sellers Liability for broker contact

Sellers Liability for client and claimant contact

Claims Administration

Frank Tredal, Claims Administrator 
Kristine Moe, Claims Administrator